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The Last 96 Hours …

The last 96 hours have been some of the craziest of our lives. Even thought the crazy isn’t completely over … We are starting to get settled in this transition part of our lives.

Thursday: We woke up at 6:30 AM on Thursday … I can only assume we were up past Midnight on Wednesday. We picked up the tiniest UHAUL and headed to the house to pack up everything we owned. We made great progress the 1st half of the day … Not sure if we were just tired, or if it was poor planning, but the 2nd half of the day went so slowly. It was those last few boxes … The things that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually, we got it all packed up and moved over to my mom’s house.

Friday: Again, woke up at 6:30 for the closing. We met our realtor at the title company, signed a few pieces of paper, and walked out a few thousands of dollars poorer than we were an hour before. Though, as our friend pointed out, our net worth is probably skyrocketing right now since we don’t have a mortgage! After the closing, we ate brunch with our amazing realtor, then hopped in the car and drove 5 hours to Michigan.

Saturday: We shot the coldest wedding … Outside … in 47 degree weather. Even though it was cold, the day was beautiful, and the couple was well worth the goosebumps. After the wedding, we drank a bottle of cheap champagne and ate some Taco Bell (we do this after every single wedding).

Sunday: We woke up super early, gathered our things, and drove back to Indiana. We met some of our Twitter friends from California for lunch, and had an amazing time getting to know them in ‘real life’. After lunch, we came back home and tried to get a few more things settled. We were tired … our lives are still in my mom’s garage.

Today, I’ve been working like a mad-woman. Editing, designing, emailing, shooting … Things are still crazy!  We are so excited that we actually got through the closing without any problems. Now, we’re looking for jobs and a place to live in Portland.

We definitely have more to reflect on about the house … but for now, we just wanted to send a smoke signal into the air to let everyone know we survived.


Like a Hurricane.

Whoa. So, from the time we last posted … Our house has gone from ‘listed-house-ready-for-a-showing-at-any-time’ to ‘where-is-the-floor’. As it turns out … 10 days is a crazy-short length of time to get everything organized for a move. If you need me in the next week … I’ll probably be buried under one of the 8233435 piles of junk in this house!

Our poor office is looking like a hurricane went through it! The good part about getting everything organized: I keep finding things that I’ve blamed Jimmy for losing! I may or may not have found the Exacto blades I blamed him for throwing away. Ooops!

Next stop: the kitchen! Oh boy … Just wait until you see that disaster! :)



We pulled into the driveway last night after a weekend away from home … what we saw in front of us was worth a high-five … and then some.

Yes, it’s official! We sold our house. Even though we’ve been under contract for about a month, it was all contingent upon inspection. After the inspection, there was a lot of negotiating that took place, which caused sleepless nights, tears, and lots of nerves. Finally, we all compromised. Now, we have 10 days to pack up everything we own, sell what we no longer want, and move out of our house. <- Yeah, that’s a little scary to think about. But, we’re excited!

In other news, the Summer is finally transitioning to Fall … When I went to get the mail this morning, I took a couple snaps of the beautiful colors that are popping up.

Now, I’m off to go pack!!!

An Update About Having No Update.

Everyone keeps asking us how the house stuff is going. Well, we don’t really have much to say that hasn’t been said: selling a house is tiring and emotionally draining. I think our last update was right after the inspection. We did get the full inspection report back … it was about what we expected.

We’ve been sitting with the inspection response in front of us for over a week now. It’s due today at 5:00. We just keep staring at the numbers and estimates given to us to remedy the issues, and we have no idea what to do. It sucks. Like we’ve mentioned before, we negotiated below what we were comfortable with in order to get under contract … and now, every dollar is just a slap in the face. So, we’re faced with some pretty tough decisions today. We’ve already decided there’s no way we can compromise our financial future just to move to Oregon. The fact is: we are still relatively young, we have college debt to pay off, and we want to start a family in the next couple of years. Getting out of this house is just one of our dreams. Are we really ready to sacrifice everything else? I don’t think so.

So, we’ll figure out what we’re comfortable with … we’ll send them our response, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed. We’re hoping to have everything figured out by the end of the week … Then, we’ll have a real update for everyone.

I just realized how depressing this post seems. We’re actually surprisingly optimistic about the whole situation. While I hate being in limbo … we know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. We are happy, and that’s really all that matters in the whole scheme of things.

Us and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

Oh my goodness. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more stressful in regards to selling our house … this little thing changed it all:

We had our inspection today. We thought it would go swimmingly well. After all, we just replaced the water heater and fixed the oven. Well, the potential buyers were smart and had a camera run through the sewer line that goes from the house to the main, city sewer line. We wish we would have thought that far ahead when we bought the house 3 years ago.

You see, about a year ago, we were watching TV one night when we heard a gurgle. After heading into the bathroom, we realized there was brown grossness in the bathtub. Obviously, we called a plumbing company right away. They came out to the house, ran a camera, and used a snake to clear out anything (paper, tree roots, etc). Fast forward to the next week … We were talking to the neighbors behind us who informed us the entire street was having plumbing issues because a tree root went through the main line in the neighborhood. We were ecstatic. It meant that our line wasn’t the problem, or the reason for the backup. That made us feel good about deciding to hold off on replacing the line. After that day, there was never another problem. Thank goodness!!

So, during the inspection today … they ran the camera. We’re not clear on the exact findings as of yet, but our realtor informed us that they are getting estimates for replacing the line. We are absolutely devastated! When we were going over our get-ready-for-the-inspection checklist, it never occurred to us that there would be an issue with the sewer. After all, it’s been perfect since we moved in, except for that one day, but we had it remedied and again, it’s been perfect since. We actually thought we’d pass the inspection with flying colors, as we’ve loved this house so much and have done so many upgrades/repairs.

We already negotiated way below what we said we would in order to get the sellers to sign the contract for the house. So now, we wait. There’s absolutely NO way we can afford to replace the line. No way. No how. Unless these buyers are willing to do it themselves … or just let it be (because, there are no problems with it right now), we’re afraid this deal is going to fall through.

Selling this house has been so stressful. We were hoping today would be the day that everything lifted, and we’d be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, we’re still driving around in the dark, praying for that light.

We’ll update as soon as we know anything … Until then, take our advice: find a home you love, and never sell it! ;)

The Bad News …

Did you see our good news? Well, in true Jim & Ravyn style … we knew something bad was coming our way. After signing the contract on Friday, we were faced with a broken oven. After thinking it might just be the coils, it turned out, it’s more than likely the computer. A pricey repair.

Then, this morning, we woke up to a ‘drip, drip, drip’ … Our 20-year-old water heater was leaking. In all fairness, that thing has held up way longer than it probably should have. Jim took the day off and went to the hardware store to buy a new, beautiful water heater. We just turned her on and fired her up. Soon, we’ll have hot water. After sitting the old water heater out by the curb, it was gone in about 4 minutes. We immediately wondered if we should have taken it to scrap for the $ … Obviously it’s worth something considering it wasn’t even on the curb for 5 minutes!

Of course, both of this things were expensive to fix. In a time that every dollar in our bank account should be going towards our road trip and new apartment, it’s frustrating when we have to keep spending it on things on this house. Like I said, whenever we have super awesome moments in life, there’s always that one thing that keeps us humble. One step forward, two steps back … But guess what, next time, we’re jumping forward … maybe even hanging on the back of a truck while riding a skateboard. That means, the two-steps-back won’t be so bad in comparison.



The Good News …

Sorry we’ve neglected to update everyone on the status of the selling situation. First of all … we have to say THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts over the past few weeks. Selling a home is emotionally draining, and the fact that our family and friends have been there to support us, has meant the world. So thank you!

And … now for the good news: As of last Friday at 5:00 PM, we are officially under contract to sell the house. We accepted the buyer’s 4th counter offer, and we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we would be more excited if we were making money at all … but all in all, we’re just so excited that the hardest part is over.

We’re just waiting to get the inspection scheduled. After the inspection, we can get really excited, as that’s the point where they could back out if something major showed up. Fortunately, we just bought the house 3 years ago, and all of the hazardous things that were found by our inspector were fixed before we moved in. **UPDATE: Turns out our inspector sucked. The inspection wasn’t as great as we thought.**

So now, it’s just a waiting game. We wait for the inspection, then we wait for closing … which is on or before September 30th. In all honesty, it still doesn’t feel like it’s 100% real. I am sure once we start packing and getting ready to sell everything, things will start feeling like a wheel rolling down a hill. We can’t wait!

Selling Our Home.

So, good news: one of our showings from yesterday is at the house as we speak for a 2nd showing. Such exciting news. Thanks to all for your prayers. Keeping our fingers crossed!! Updates soon.

UPDATE (8/22/11): So … the couple came through the home for the 2nd time on Saturday. After hearing the feedback, we know they are seriously considering our house. Today is the day we were told we’d hear from them. It was hard to sleep last night … and today, we’re ridden with anxiety. The thought that an offer could be on the table by the end of the day is hard to even comprehend. We do know from their feedback that they think the home is ‘slightly overpriced’, so who knows if the offer will be something we could work with … that is, if there is an offer. We’re really hoping to have an update for everyone soon! I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers & wishes … We had a great weekend of showings & our open house went well. We still have time if this particular couple decides to move on, but it would be absolutely amazing to get an offer today.

UPDATE (8/23/11): Just got off the phone with Ron (our amazing realtor). He said he spoke with the buyer’s agent, and …. DRUMROLL …. We’ll be getting an offer this evening. We have NO idea what kind of offer it is. Apparently, all cash, not asking for closing costs, which is nice, but it leads us to believe it’ll be a little lower than we’re hoping. But, we can negotiate. Hell, if it’s even close to our asking price (or our range), we’ll probably just say YES! This just became so real. Again, we’ll be updating SOOOOON with what happens. SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!! *And yes, we know anything could go wrong with the inspection or contract or whatever else. We aren’t getting overly excited … but this is amazing news and we’re pretty happy!

UPDATE (8/24/11): Forgot to update yesterday. So, we did receive an offer on the 23rd. It was much less than I was expecting, but our realtor said it was spot on for the typical percentage. Good news. So, we countered … then they countered … then we countered again last night. We’re hoping to hear back from them this afternoon. We’re already below what we were hoping for (just a little bit), so it’s just a matter of bringing them up ever so slightly! Fingers crossed that they are still as engaged as they were 3 days ago. This couple seems very nice and easy to work with (this far, at least). Hopefully, we’ll have this house sold by the weekend.

I Wonder …

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like when we’re expecting our first child. I mean, this may seem like an obvious statement, but I guess I’m relating it to waiting for our house to sell … Right now, I feel like an expectant parent. My baby is Portland, Oregon. My pregnancy is the little ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard. Labor will be long … from the time we receive our first offer to the time we all sign the paperwork and hand over the keys.

In some ways, selling a home (and moving across the country) is a lot like having a baby. It will change everything. Every morning I wake up, and every ounce of my being knows I’m waking up 1 day closer to the place we’re dying to call home. Last night, we realized it’s been 8 months since the last time we were in Oregon. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long … Even harder to believe if we’re wanting to stay on our timeline, we’ll be moving in 3 months.

After visiting Oregon for the first time, J asked me if there was a word or phrase for feeling homesick for a place that’s not even you’re home. I had no idea what the correct response for this was … all I knew was that I felt the same way.

Looking at these images from one of our trips to Oregon makes my heart. Not really in a bad way … more like that feeling of nostalgia you get when driving past your childhood home or hearing an old song on the radio.

We’re having an open house this weekend. Praying someone will see themselves in our home.


Kodak 400 TX BW // Ricoh KR-5 Super // 50mm f/2