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We’re Running Again

The other night, we were sitting on the couch and came to a pretty sad conclusion: We’re getting fat. Yep … That’s about it.

So, part of moving to Portland was that we were both going to focus on living healthier & cleaner. The running shoes were laced up yesterday morning and we went on runs … I say ‘runs’ because there’s no way we could run together. For one, my legs are short, and it almost always ends in an argument. Knowing we’re best when exercising independently, Jimmy ran up and down hills, and all over Northwest Portland … I ran around our block like 8 times.

Jimmy is quite the runner … and I am not quite there yet (I got horrible shin splints last year and had to stop). We’re hoping to run the Portland Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon this May, so it’s awesome that we’re getting a started on the whole not-being-fat thing!