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2 :: 1

We leave for Portland tomorrow … My heart is heavy, and these last few hours in Indiana are being treasured. As we start packing the Jeep, it’s starting to feel real. Our friend Amy told me the vomit feeling will go away once we really get on the road … then we’ll turn into giggling 10-year olds! We’re so excited to share this adventure with everyone!! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the blog (over there on the right side) … you’ll receive an email each time we update during the trip.

We’ll see you on the other side …

Photos taken with iPhone 4 :: Edited with Instagram


3 Days Until Oregon

We’re in the homestretch … The truck is gone, projects are being wrapped up, and we’re within 72 hours of leaving! As of this morning, we were still waiting for our new license plate to show up in the mail. Thankfully, we got it today! That was the last little piece that was making me nervous before the drive.

Tonight, we have dinner with friends … Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday party at my dad’s … Sunday is my sister’s actual birthday and her party at my mom’s. Sunday evening is dinner with friends, and that’s it! When we wake up on Monday we’ll hit the road. WOOHOOO!! We’ll pop in on the blog a few more times before we leave, but until then, have a great weekend!!

6 :: 5 :: 4

The countdown is going by so quickly! Last night, we packed our moving truck (all 360 cubic feet of it). If you’re curious, that’s 5’x8’x9′. When we saw the tiny amount of space we had to work with, we freaked a bit. Once everything was in there, we were relieved that we did such an amazing job of downsizing before the move. I’m not sure we could have fit another box!

About 20 minutes ago, I watched the moving truck pull away with most of our belongings. We’ll be meeting it in Portland one week from today!

Here are a few photos I’ve posted over the past few days, from our last trip to Oregon.

Photos taken with iPhone 4 :: Edited with Instagram

Is This It

On Friday, our dear friend Amy set out to visit 2 apartments for us … Remember the ones we blogged about? Well, when she walked into the first one, she said it indeed smelled like someone died in the apartment. I think she said, “It’s a mix between bodies & cleaner” or something to that effect. It was dark & creepy. Then, she went to the teeny 550 sqft (brand new) apartment. She laughed out loud when she walked in the door because it was so small!

Both were nixed based on size and condition. Well, being the awesome friend that she is, she also visited 2 other apartments that day (and took photos)! Those two ended up being amazing. After much debate between J and I … and much coaching from Amy, we think we settled on the new place!!!

Our New Apartment*

  • Amazing neighborhood: (It’s in the NW … very close to where we’ve stayed with Rob & Amy each time we’ve visited. It’s a charming area … Tons of little shops, restaurants, bars & parks. In fact, we’ll walk out the front door, walk a block, and have a big park for the dogs. Forest park is a 15 minute walk, and we’re also close to Washington Park.
  • Great Building: The building was build in the 1920’s. While new construction would have been great, we are definitely in-love with older architecture. They don’t build them like this anymore! It’s a two-story building, and we’re on the top floor. Like Amy said, it just feels homier knowing there are only 10 or so other units in the building.
  • Nice Finishes: Gleaming wood floors, newer tile in the bathroom, and picture railes are just some of the things we’re excited about. The kitchen is capped with two leaded glass cabinets for extra storage & the hall closet is awesome.
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 604 sqft: Yes, we know it seems small! But, we are so excited about it. The storage in the unit helps, and we’re saving enough with the rent that we can lease a storage space if needed. We got rid of most of our furniture before the move, so we didn’t have to find a place for our things! We’re starting from scratch.
Okay, so here it is!! 
The living room:
We love the built in shelves & drawers. Perfect for our books & camera collection!
The cute little kitchen. Aren’t those built-ins awesome?
We are so excited about these built in drawers & wardrobe. Great for the extra storage we need for such a small space. The bathroom has b&w hex tile and brand new tile around the bath.
The bedroom has windows on two walls! So much light.
Without actually seeing the place in person, this is my idea of the floor plan. Yes, I am certain it’s out of scale, but hey, J is the architect … not me!
*While it isn’t final just yet (we still have to pass the credit check & references), we’re pretty certain it’s a GO! After owning a house for the past 3 years, and having fairly great credit, it shouldn’t be a problem! If everything works out, we’ll most likely be leaving 2 weeks from TOMORROW! Again, this whole thing is so great … but emotions are mixed! It’s scary & sad to be leaving Indiana and our family & friends! But, we think it’s truly meant to be!

Needle In A Haystack

When J and I decided we were moving to Portland (about two years ago), we started purging most of our unnecessary belongings. I can’t even tell you how many trip to Goodwill we’ve made since then.Once we sold our house, we actually filled a moving truck up with everything that didn’t sell at the garage sale (aka, the crap no one wanted to spend money on), and took that to Goodwill as well. We were left with a 10ft. U-HAUL which we filled with everything we couldn’t part with.

We knew we’d be downsizing.

Yesterday … we got pretty serious about finding a new place in Portland. At first, it didn’t look like we’d find anything! I scoured the internet and couldn’t find any place that fit our budget and/or would allow our pets. Finally, we found two great places!!! Today, our friend Amy is going to check them out for us. I wanted to show you the two places we’re considering!

Apartment 1

  • Amazing neighborhood
  • 2 bdrm
  • 550 sqft.
  • Washer/dryer in the unit
  • Brand new
We’re pretty stoked to see if this place makes 550 seem larger than it sounds. From the photos, it seems like we’d be able to make it work. Yes, we know that’s a really small place, but again, we were planning on downsizing! We love that we’d be the first tenants, and our proximity to shops & restaurants would be awesome.

Apartment 2

  • Another great neighborhood
  • 1 bdrm
  • 775 sqft.
  • Vintage building w/ original details
This place seems pretty freaking sweet. While we love modern architecture … we also have a thing for older buildings that are full of charm. The challenge here is finding a building that doesn’t smell like people have died in there! This place is a little less expensive, and I think I’m secretly hoping it wins. It’s bigger, and the area is super nice. It’s really close to Washington Park, and there are some really great stores right outside the door.

So now, it’s a waiting game. Will we love them? Will someone else get them first? We’ll update as soon as we know anything!!!

The Last 96 Hours …

The last 96 hours have been some of the craziest of our lives. Even thought the crazy isn’t completely over … We are starting to get settled in this transition part of our lives.

Thursday: We woke up at 6:30 AM on Thursday … I can only assume we were up past Midnight on Wednesday. We picked up the tiniest UHAUL and headed to the house to pack up everything we owned. We made great progress the 1st half of the day … Not sure if we were just tired, or if it was poor planning, but the 2nd half of the day went so slowly. It was those last few boxes … The things that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually, we got it all packed up and moved over to my mom’s house.

Friday: Again, woke up at 6:30 for the closing. We met our realtor at the title company, signed a few pieces of paper, and walked out a few thousands of dollars poorer than we were an hour before. Though, as our friend pointed out, our net worth is probably skyrocketing right now since we don’t have a mortgage! After the closing, we ate brunch with our amazing realtor, then hopped in the car and drove 5 hours to Michigan.

Saturday: We shot the coldest wedding … Outside … in 47 degree weather. Even though it was cold, the day was beautiful, and the couple was well worth the goosebumps. After the wedding, we drank a bottle of cheap champagne and ate some Taco Bell (we do this after every single wedding).

Sunday: We woke up super early, gathered our things, and drove back to Indiana. We met some of our Twitter friends from California for lunch, and had an amazing time getting to know them in ‘real life’. After lunch, we came back home and tried to get a few more things settled. We were tired … our lives are still in my mom’s garage.

Today, I’ve been working like a mad-woman. Editing, designing, emailing, shooting … Things are still crazy!  We are so excited that we actually got through the closing without any problems. Now, we’re looking for jobs and a place to live in Portland.

We definitely have more to reflect on about the house … but for now, we just wanted to send a smoke signal into the air to let everyone know we survived.

Like a Hurricane.

Whoa. So, from the time we last posted … Our house has gone from ‘listed-house-ready-for-a-showing-at-any-time’ to ‘where-is-the-floor’. As it turns out … 10 days is a crazy-short length of time to get everything organized for a move. If you need me in the next week … I’ll probably be buried under one of the 8233435 piles of junk in this house!

Our poor office is looking like a hurricane went through it! The good part about getting everything organized: I keep finding things that I’ve blamed Jimmy for losing! I may or may not have found the Exacto blades I blamed him for throwing away. Ooops!

Next stop: the kitchen! Oh boy … Just wait until you see that disaster! :)



We pulled into the driveway last night after a weekend away from home … what we saw in front of us was worth a high-five … and then some.

Yes, it’s official! We sold our house. Even though we’ve been under contract for about a month, it was all contingent upon inspection. After the inspection, there was a lot of negotiating that took place, which caused sleepless nights, tears, and lots of nerves. Finally, we all compromised. Now, we have 10 days to pack up everything we own, sell what we no longer want, and move out of our house. <- Yeah, that’s a little scary to think about. But, we’re excited!

In other news, the Summer is finally transitioning to Fall … When I went to get the mail this morning, I took a couple snaps of the beautiful colors that are popping up.

Now, I’m off to go pack!!!

The Bad News …

Did you see our good news? Well, in true Jim & Ravyn style … we knew something bad was coming our way. After signing the contract on Friday, we were faced with a broken oven. After thinking it might just be the coils, it turned out, it’s more than likely the computer. A pricey repair.

Then, this morning, we woke up to a ‘drip, drip, drip’ … Our 20-year-old water heater was leaking. In all fairness, that thing has held up way longer than it probably should have. Jim took the day off and went to the hardware store to buy a new, beautiful water heater. We just turned her on and fired her up. Soon, we’ll have hot water. After sitting the old water heater out by the curb, it was gone in about 4 minutes. We immediately wondered if we should have taken it to scrap for the $ … Obviously it’s worth something considering it wasn’t even on the curb for 5 minutes!

Of course, both of this things were expensive to fix. In a time that every dollar in our bank account should be going towards our road trip and new apartment, it’s frustrating when we have to keep spending it on things on this house. Like I said, whenever we have super awesome moments in life, there’s always that one thing that keeps us humble. One step forward, two steps back … But guess what, next time, we’re jumping forward … maybe even hanging on the back of a truck while riding a skateboard. That means, the two-steps-back won’t be so bad in comparison.



The Good News …

Sorry we’ve neglected to update everyone on the status of the selling situation. First of all … we have to say THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts over the past few weeks. Selling a home is emotionally draining, and the fact that our family and friends have been there to support us, has meant the world. So thank you!

And … now for the good news: As of last Friday at 5:00 PM, we are officially under contract to sell the house. We accepted the buyer’s 4th counter offer, and we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we would be more excited if we were making money at all … but all in all, we’re just so excited that the hardest part is over.

We’re just waiting to get the inspection scheduled. After the inspection, we can get really excited, as that’s the point where they could back out if something major showed up. Fortunately, we just bought the house 3 years ago, and all of the hazardous things that were found by our inspector were fixed before we moved in. **UPDATE: Turns out our inspector sucked. The inspection wasn’t as great as we thought.**

So now, it’s just a waiting game. We wait for the inspection, then we wait for closing … which is on or before September 30th. In all honesty, it still doesn’t feel like it’s 100% real. I am sure once we start packing and getting ready to sell everything, things will start feeling like a wheel rolling down a hill. We can’t wait!