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Manzanita :: At Night

A few weeks ago, we spent some time in Manzanita … We pulled our car right along the edge of the beach, set up the tripod, and shot into the sky. Seeing that many stars at once was pretty magical.


I Did It!

Back in 2009, I took my last flight without Xanax. Since then, I’ve been popping those little magical pills on travel days. While the side-effects are really non-existent, I just didn’t love the idea of medicating myself. I’ve really struggled with anxiety while flying over the last 2 1/2 years, and last weekend, I felt like I made a huge leap! I flew without any meds!!! And guess what, it was totally fine. There was even some turbulence (very minimal), and my first thought wasn’t “OH MY GOSH, WE’RE GOING TO DIE” … It was more like, “I don’t LOVE that, but I’m sure it’ll be over soon” …

So, I am so proud of myself, and thankful to Jimmy for being really supportive of me … Here’s what made this trip memorable:

Morning cocktails … Thankful the Southwest crew wasn’t judging us for day drinking before 5:00!


This guy … Yeah, smelled of smoke & beer, kicked his bag down the jetway, then proceeded to snore (over the noise of the engines) for 3+ hours. At least he gave us a reason to laugh.


Before we even boarded, I knew it would be a good flight. So did Jimmy … here he is dancing down the jetway. Then later, looking mighty fine while reading.

There was the case of the sticky tray table … yuck.


Not only am I (typically) a wreck while flying, I also get extreme motion sickness while driving, boating, moving … I thought planes were the exception, but nope. Had to pop a few of these babies before getting all the way home.

Thankful we weren’t flying to Canada … this jet’s crew didn’t seem to notice the luggage they dropped off their cart. We spent our entire lunch watching different people drive right past it.


Then, as a reward (that’s why I’m telling myself) for a great day of flying, we got to see Mt. Hood in all of her beauty. We flew super close …


We’re both very happy to be back in Portland after a long weekend away. It was totally fun, but we do love our little bubble here. Excited for the next few weeks (my birthday is next Monday, then J’s mom will be visiting) … So much to do, but we’re having a great time!

Our Manzanita Adventure

Last weekend, we drove to the coast to photograph the wedding of our dear friends. We decided to stay an extra day to give ourselves a mini vacation … In fact, it was our very first visit to the coast by ourselves!

Here’s Jimmy … welcoming you to Manzanita! :)


We thought it would be awesome to borrow some bikes from our hotel to take to breakfast, then to the beach. Besides the fact they were super rusty, and falling apart, it was awesome!


Say what you will … but these blue skies are the loveliest!


After our morning bike excursion, we hopped in the Jeep & headed out to Wheeler, OR for lunch. Our view wasn’t bad.


After lunch & some wine tasting, we headed back to Manzanita to shower & get ready for dinner. Before dinner, we went to the beach to watch the sunset … It was glorious!

ImageImageAfter  the sunset, we found out that the town shuts down at 8:00 … even on Saturdays. So, we ordered a pizza to-go, went back to our room & enjoyed a bottle of wine while watching CABLE!! Can you even imagine how excited we were about that one?? It was such a lovely weekend … so happy to share these moments!


Why We Adventure …

via Iconoclast.

What Our Weekend Looked Like

This weekend, we headed out to the Prineville Reservoir with our dear friends Matt & Ali. We spent our days on the water, nights on the beach, and slept under the stars … It was hot, but it was amazing. We have a ton more to share, but for now … here’s a peek at our weekend.

Curious Gorge :: Buy This Book!

While eating lunch with some new friends the other day, I was told about the best book about hiking in Oregon. Then, last night, while shopping at REI for climbing gear, I saw it starring at me from the shelf.

We picked up a copy, then spent two hours looking through it after we got home … my friend was right: Curious Gorge is the best hiking guide I’ve read.

We absolutely love the Columbia River Gorge. Whenever we have a free day … or find friends who want to hike, we go there. It’s views are breathtaking … the hikes are hard, but totally worth the work. Plus, all of this is less than an hour from our door.

I love the first two pages … they are copies, and one is meant to be cutout and put on the fridge. It tells you what to see, why to see it, and when to go. Excellent!! Skinny dipping!! 

Other reasons I love this book:

  • It gives you really precise directions
  • Scott explains why these trails are awesome … and little secrets you might otherwise miss.
  • There’s a ton of history here.
  • It’s small enough to put into a pack
  • There’s a popularity meter for each hike … I hate doing popular routes as the amount of people puts me into anxiety mode.
  • He’s real … Even if a hike is popular, sometimes, a less popular hike has a better view & is more worth your time. Scott explains this.
  • It’s funny! I imagine this is an adventurer who just happened to write a book. His personality is infused throughout, and it’s a fun guide book to read.

Want to see where we’ve been?

Dad’s Visit :: The Coast

Sad this is our last beach post … but I’m sure three in a row is more than enough for now. In case you missed it, there was our trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago & the visit with my dad and Haley that we captured with our phones.

This day was particularly amazing … We all got a little sun, which is almost unheard of on the Oregon coast. Haley fell into the ocean, which meant we all got to loan her our giant clothes. The dogs enjoyed digging & playing in the sand, and we bought the most expensive bagel sandwiches from a little shop before heading home. Basically, it was a great day! :)

Haley’s first time seeing the ocean on the west coast … 



Dad giving his new camera a workout!! 



It literally took Jimmy 5 seconds to teach the dogs to dig in the sand … then they did it for like 15 minutes. Molly loved sticking her head into the sand-hole she dug. It was awesome. 




Dad & Haley in front of Haystack!


Some other visitors offered to take a group photo … Nice to have one of all 4 (6) of us!

Human sundial. 

Reminding us all that she is indeed 13! :)

Don’t let this picture fool you. I totally Photoshopped her leash out of the photo … She would be attacking a seagull or ruining someone’s day without a leash. Crazy Ruca … but she sure is cute. 

Haley, taking it in. 

Molls got to be off-leash for a bit. After several trips to the coast, we still aren’t sure if she loves or hates the ocean. She is brave though! 


This is about 5 seconds before Haley fell all the way in … twice. 

It really was a magical day! This was the last post from my dad’s trip here. We have 1 or 2 more with Haley still to come. I LOVED having my dad here to see what we love so much about this place!




Dad’s Visit :: The Coast :: iPhone

Our trip to the coast turned out to be my dad’s favorite day in Oregon.

We took the pups, packed into the Jeep, and drove to the beach … Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.

First, it’s our ‘secret’ beach. I’m sure tons of people have been here … but it’s unmarked, and down a cliff. It’s beautiful!

My sister … looking awesome!ImageImageImageImage

J convinced me to walk way out on the rocks with him. It was worth it. ImageImageImageImage

Big rocks … Tiny Jimmy! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We’ve caught this dog with her eyes closed more times than we can count … It’s the best! Image

A little trinket we made & left at the beach.ImageImageImageImageImage

Our Beach Adventure :: Cannon Beach, July

I have a crap-ton of beach posts coming to the blog … Poor planning on my part that I didn’t divide it up, but each trip was cool … and this is our blog, so we do what we want! :)

A couple weekends ago, we felt like driving to the coast. We packed up the dogs & headed to Cannon Beach for some sunshine & a picnic. Of course, it wasn’t as warm as we thought it would be, but it was totally worth the trip.

Dad’s Visit :: The Gorge

On my dad’s birthday, we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge. It’s one of our very favorite places on earth & we wanted to share it with him!


J standing in front of Bridal Veil Falls (my VERY favorite place in Oregon) … ImageImage

This girl got $20 to strip down to her underwear & lay in the FREEZING water. This is like … glacier water. It’s COLD! She said it wasn’t worth it, ha. ImageImage

… and because we never shared our iPhone photos from that adventure, here they are!