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I Did It!

Back in 2009, I took my last flight without Xanax. Since then, I’ve been popping those little magical pills on travel days. While the side-effects are really non-existent, I just didn’t love the idea of medicating myself. I’ve really struggled with anxiety while flying over the last 2 1/2 years, and last weekend, I felt like I made a huge leap! I flew without any meds!!! And guess what, it was totally fine. There was even some turbulence (very minimal), and my first thought wasn’t “OH MY GOSH, WE’RE GOING TO DIE” … It was more like, “I don’t LOVE that, but I’m sure it’ll be over soon” …

So, I am so proud of myself, and thankful to Jimmy for being really supportive of me … Here’s what made this trip memorable:

Morning cocktails … Thankful the Southwest crew wasn’t judging us for day drinking before 5:00!


This guy … Yeah, smelled of smoke & beer, kicked his bag down the jetway, then proceeded to snore (over the noise of the engines) for 3+ hours. At least he gave us a reason to laugh.


Before we even boarded, I knew it would be a good flight. So did Jimmy … here he is dancing down the jetway. Then later, looking mighty fine while reading.

There was the case of the sticky tray table … yuck.


Not only am I (typically) a wreck while flying, I also get extreme motion sickness while driving, boating, moving … I thought planes were the exception, but nope. Had to pop a few of these babies before getting all the way home.

Thankful we weren’t flying to Canada … this jet’s crew didn’t seem to notice the luggage they dropped off their cart. We spent our entire lunch watching different people drive right past it.


Then, as a reward (that’s why I’m telling myself) for a great day of flying, we got to see Mt. Hood in all of her beauty. We flew super close …


We’re both very happy to be back in Portland after a long weekend away. It was totally fun, but we do love our little bubble here. Excited for the next few weeks (my birthday is next Monday, then J’s mom will be visiting) … So much to do, but we’re having a great time!


Our Night at The Farm on Fern Hill

Last weekend, we headed out to Forest Grove, Oregon for a huge shindig, hosted by our friends Dave & Whitney (and their family). It was a “GO BEAVERS!!” party … an annual celebration for friends to come together, eat amazing food, hang out, and shoot trap.

I was a little weary of the whole gun situation (never shot a gun before … let alone been around that many guns at one time). BUT, once I saw the care these men were putting into teaching us about the guns, and shooting, I couldn’t have been more comfortable. One man mentioned that it’s awesome he can help bring people together to realize there’s so much more to shooting than hurting people or killing animals. It was just pure fun!! It was challenging to shoot the clay traps (of course, Jimmy shot a ton), but I ended up getting one!! It was so exciting!

We had so much fun. Dave & Whit are good people … and they have awesome friends & family! It was a perfect summer night.


Bits & Pieces

Once again, time is FLYING by … I wanted to take note of just a few bits & pieces of our life lately.

We just ordered a BUNCH of film. We were almost through our last stash (we have so much film to share here, but Mr. Jimbo is in charge of that … and well, I’m a way better blogger). So excited to see what comes of this new stash.

We’re really getting a handle of day-drinking on the weekends! Only joking … but seriously, I’ve been loving our little day dates lately.

I’m trying to be adventurous with my nail polish these days … when I bought this color, I was wearing gray & black … Proof that I need more color in my life!

After eating out of the house for nearly every meal the last two weeks, I broke the streak by making some freezer burritos. So excited to be cooking at home again.

Annndddd … since we’re eating at home more, we’re looking for ways to stop wasting so much food! J had the idea to chop up a bunch of cilantro to freeze in cubes. He put the chopped cilantro in a little baggie with a little water & canola oil, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, and piped it into ice cube trays. Such a great idea!!

I am so in love with my husband … like, head-over-heels-makes-my-face-hurt-from-smiling love! This summer has been our first away from home, ever. It’s been such a growing experience (personally, and for our relationship). Can’t imagine being on this adventure with anyone else.

When Things Work Out …

This morning felt like a ton of bricks. Yesterday, I was running errands until 4 in the afternoon. Wednesday was a big dose of stress as well. We’re prepping for a 3 day camping adventure in the Oregon desert with some of our friends, and getting things in line has been tricky.

All of this while I’ve been dealing with some chronic pain issues in my back & jaw, and trying to keep up on house work and my actual job. We thought the pups would be going to their dog hotel for the weekend until we learned they were booked up and we’d have to find other plans.

It’s been stressful.

Thankfully, our amazing friend, Brittany (house-sitter extraordinaire) helped us out big time and will be staying at our place while we’re gone. And, that pain I was talking about … my health insurance was approved yesterday! After 2+ years without it, I now have that little safety net & I can find a new doctor in town to see for these issues. Yesterday was big for another reason too: we reached a big savings goal we’ve been working towards for the last few months. My mom always warned that having even a little money in savings would feel great. She was right. We established a new savings plan yesterday, and have another big goal we’re hoping to reach by the end of December …

Things work out.

This feels like a downer, but it’s not … just a way to give myself some perspective when I’m feeling a little off. Sure, we’re busy. But, we’re really happy … and I think that’s what it’s all about. It’s officially August! We’re rounding out the last 1/3 of the year. It’s been 9 months since we moved. We only have 2 1/2 months to decide if we’ll be staying in our apartment or moving into a little house.

Hope you have an amazing weekend. We’ll be frying adventuring in the desert & hopefully we’ll bring back some fun images to share.



Dad’s Visit :: The Coast :: iPhone

Our trip to the coast turned out to be my dad’s favorite day in Oregon.

We took the pups, packed into the Jeep, and drove to the beach … Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.

First, it’s our ‘secret’ beach. I’m sure tons of people have been here … but it’s unmarked, and down a cliff. It’s beautiful!

My sister … looking awesome!ImageImageImageImage

J convinced me to walk way out on the rocks with him. It was worth it. ImageImageImageImage

Big rocks … Tiny Jimmy! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We’ve caught this dog with her eyes closed more times than we can count … It’s the best! Image

A little trinket we made & left at the beach.ImageImageImageImageImage

Dad’s Visit :: The Gorge

On my dad’s birthday, we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge. It’s one of our very favorite places on earth & we wanted to share it with him!


J standing in front of Bridal Veil Falls (my VERY favorite place in Oregon) … ImageImage

This girl got $20 to strip down to her underwear & lay in the FREEZING water. This is like … glacier water. It’s COLD! She said it wasn’t worth it, ha. ImageImage

… and because we never shared our iPhone photos from that adventure, here they are!


Our Weekend :: iPhone

Last weekend was amazing … we did what we moved to Oregon to do: go outside.

Saturday, we headed to Cannon Beach with the pups. I absolutely love spending time with the dogs & they love the beach … It was perfectly overcast.




On Sunday, we drove out to the Gorge with our friends Jeff & Annie to hike up to Angel’s Rest. It was rainy & foggy & awesome.


Our Weekend :: iPhone

Like I mentioned in our Monday Morning post, yesterday, our weekend was full of adventures … So thankful we have phones with decent cameras to document our life!

On Friday, we met at The Pope House Bourbon Lounge for happy hour, then headed to Blue Moon for dinner. It was so warm & lovely outside. Perfect start to the weekend.

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to the PSU Farmer’s Market.

These bouquets are BEAUTIFUL! Less than $20 for all of this awesomeness!!

Yum yum!

Got a pound of cherries!! Now, we need to make a cherry, chocolate cake!

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed downtown to try Big-Ass Sandwiches for the first time. They were HUGE & yummy. We took our sandwiches to the waterfront for a little picnic & people watching.

After the waterfront, we headed back home, made some bruschetta from the goodies we got from the market, then got ready to go out. Our friend Jeff (on the right) was playing with a blues band. HE WAS SO SO GOOD!!! Serious high fives, dude! It was fun to go out for a bit & hear some live music.

Sunday morning, we woke up, headed out to B-Town to get some Krispy Kreme donuts, then headed up to Council Crest for a picnic & frisbee.

View from our breakfast spot.

My handsome hubby.

After Council Crest, we went to the bike shop so J could get his new pedals installed, went to REI for some bike essentials, then headed out to Sauvie Island for a ride. We started out slow (my tire tension (that’s probably not the right term) was too tight & my bike wasn’t performing well. After an adjustment, we only made it a bit farther before I wimped out & turned around. It was still a nice ride though. HOT, but nice.

After the failed bike ride, we headed to Kruger Farms for berry picking & cold drinks.

Such a beautiful day on Sauvie.

After Sauvie, we came home to shower & get into comfy clothes. We ordered a pizza & wrapped the weekend with a few episodes of Breaking Bad (we just started the series & LOVE it so far).

WHAT A WEEKEND!! We’re REALLY trying to take advantage of the little amount of time we have together these days. Spending our time like this makes me so happy … I love that we’re enjoying Oregon & the beautiful weather.

All images made with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam

The Weekend & The Bond

Last weekend was our first non-working weekend in quite some time. With the recent change in our weekly schedule, we thought we’d go big!

The weekend started with a date to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was great … so great. Wes Anderson makes my heart sing. I’d see it again … and again.

Saturday morning started out a little lazy …

We had an appointment to get new tattoos that afternoon … so, to make time go by a little faster, we headed over to Blossoming Lotus for AMAZING vegan food!! I had the Crispy Thai Wrap. SO GOOD.

We got to the tattoo studio a bit early & got to watch a storm roll through …

Soon enough, Mr. Lanusse was ready for us …

Annnndddd … the big reveal:

The tattoos are super meaningful to us. In fact, almost as soon as we got them, I decided I didn’t want anyone to know about them. Weird, right? Like, this really obvious tattoo suddenly seemed so sacred to me … But, in some ways, we got the tattoos to ‘declare’ our union, and sharing them seems only fair!! :)  The bands are to represent what our wedding bands stand for. Then, there’s the code on the inside … it represents the day we met back in 2005. It was through a simple Myspace message … the one that changed both of our lives.

Jimmy went with a bolder tattoo, and I decided to go a little more delicate with mine …

They’re both healing nicely … and of course, we’re both longing for more already. Proud we finally did it, and it’s a really beautiful reminder of our love.

On Sunday, we moseyed around the city & went to Little Big Burger for lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. That place was GOOD. The fries were amazing, and their little veggie burger were perfection.

Oh, what a weekend …

Our Mt. Hood Adventure

When my dad was still here, the 4 of us packed into the Jeep to head up to Mt. Hood for the day. We took our phones with us (Jimmy took the film camera, too … that’s coming soon) to document the beautiful day. When I say beautiful, I mean GORGEOUS!!

While we were driving up the mountain, we were un-certain about the conditions at the lodge & Trillium Lake. By the time we were almost there, it was warm & partly sunny <- my very favorite weather.

Hey there handsome!

You can see the base of the mountain peeking out a bit.

Even though we’ve been up on the mountain quite a few times, this is the first time we saw the snow melting …

We stopped at Timberline Lodge for drinks & to show my dad and Haley how awesome the old lodge is!

My sister is a beauty!!

After the lodge, we took a hike around Trillium Lake.

After a long day, we headed back to Portland to prep for a day at the coast … I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to post these images. We have a ton more from our trip! Excited to share.

All images made with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam