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Why We Adventure …

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“Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish.”

– Hermann Hesse

Curious Gorge :: Buy This Book!

While eating lunch with some new friends the other day, I was told about the best book about hiking in Oregon. Then, last night, while shopping at REI for climbing gear, I saw it starring at me from the shelf.

We picked up a copy, then spent two hours looking through it after we got home … my friend was right: Curious Gorge is the best hiking guide I’ve read.

We absolutely love the Columbia River Gorge. Whenever we have a free day … or find friends who want to hike, we go there. It’s views are breathtaking … the hikes are hard, but totally worth the work. Plus, all of this is less than an hour from our door.

I love the first two pages … they are copies, and one is meant to be cutout and put on the fridge. It tells you what to see, why to see it, and when to go. Excellent!! Skinny dipping!! 

Other reasons I love this book:

  • It gives you really precise directions
  • Scott explains why these trails are awesome … and little secrets you might otherwise miss.
  • There’s a ton of history here.
  • It’s small enough to put into a pack
  • There’s a popularity meter for each hike … I hate doing popular routes as the amount of people puts me into anxiety mode.
  • He’s real … Even if a hike is popular, sometimes, a less popular hike has a better view & is more worth your time. Scott explains this.
  • It’s funny! I imagine this is an adventurer who just happened to write a book. His personality is infused throughout, and it’s a fun guide book to read.

Want to see where we’ve been?

Quote // Article

“All the crap you read in magazines about honesty, sense of humor, communication, sensitivity, date nights, couples weekends, blah blah blah can be trumped by one word: loyalty. You and your spouse are a team of two. It is you against the world. No one else is allowed on the team, and no one else will ever understand the team’s rules. This is okay. The team is not adversarial, the team does not tear its members down, the team does not sabotage the team’s success. Teammates work constantly to help and better their teammates. Loyalty means you put the other person in your marriage first all the time, and you let them put you first. Loyalty means subverting your whims or desires of the moment to better meet your spouse’s whims or desires, with the full understanding and expectation that they will be doing the same. This is the heart of everything, and it is a tricky balance. Sometimes it sways one way and sometimes the other. Sometimes he gets to be crazy, sometimes it’s your turn. Sometimes she’s in the spotlight, sometimes you. Ups and downs ultimately don’t matter, because the team endures.”

– Lydia Netzer

Love this excerpt from an article I read today about staying married forever!!

**Thanks to my friend Brittany for sharing the article**


“Of everything I have seen,
it’s you I want to go on seeing.
of everything I’ve touched,
it’s your flesh I want to go on touching.
I love your orange laughter.
I am moved by the sight of you sleeping.”

-Pablo Neruda

The Weekend & The Bond

Last weekend was our first non-working weekend in quite some time. With the recent change in our weekly schedule, we thought we’d go big!

The weekend started with a date to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was great … so great. Wes Anderson makes my heart sing. I’d see it again … and again.

Saturday morning started out a little lazy …

We had an appointment to get new tattoos that afternoon … so, to make time go by a little faster, we headed over to Blossoming Lotus for AMAZING vegan food!! I had the Crispy Thai Wrap. SO GOOD.

We got to the tattoo studio a bit early & got to watch a storm roll through …

Soon enough, Mr. Lanusse was ready for us …

Annnndddd … the big reveal:

The tattoos are super meaningful to us. In fact, almost as soon as we got them, I decided I didn’t want anyone to know about them. Weird, right? Like, this really obvious tattoo suddenly seemed so sacred to me … But, in some ways, we got the tattoos to ‘declare’ our union, and sharing them seems only fair!! :)  The bands are to represent what our wedding bands stand for. Then, there’s the code on the inside … it represents the day we met back in 2005. It was through a simple Myspace message … the one that changed both of our lives.

Jimmy went with a bolder tattoo, and I decided to go a little more delicate with mine …

They’re both healing nicely … and of course, we’re both longing for more already. Proud we finally did it, and it’s a really beautiful reminder of our love.

On Sunday, we moseyed around the city & went to Little Big Burger for lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. That place was GOOD. The fries were amazing, and their little veggie burger were perfection.

Oh, what a weekend …

What Happens When It Rains :: Movies

So … It’s a pretty well-known fact: Portland is RAINY! During the entire month of March, we probably saw the sun twice. It was a record-setting month, which means, we spent so much time indoors. Thank goodness for Netflix & a friend who let’s us use his HBO account (shhhh … we like to live on the edge).

We aren’t movie reviewers … BUT, we love to watch good movies & we thought we’d share a few of our favorites from the last month or so.

In The Theatre:

For J’s birthday, we went to see 21 Jump Street.

Grade: B+ We loved this movie! I kind of dislike Channing Tatum … I don’t really know why, but I’ve just never really seen why anyone thought he was charming. Wellll … after this movie, my opinion has changed (just a bit). I LOVE Jonah Hill, so he more than made up for any hesitation I had about seeing this movie. It was hilarious, raunchy, and super inappropriate! Based on those qualities, it fit the bill for a good movie … at least a movie we weren’t expecting to get much from!

On Friday, we had a little date night and decided to go see The Five Year Engagement.

Grade: A This movie was AMAZING. We went into thinking it would be purely comical, but we walked out loving each other a little bit more. Seriously! This movie tugged at our heart-strings & really resonated with our relationship. We were only engaged a year, but since this movie follows a relationship over the course of 5 years, it’s super easy to relate to it … we, too, have had to learn to love in a new city & under new circumstances with our careers. Really go see this one! It IS very funny, but also made us both tear up a bit!

Netflix Instant:

I’m a total sucker for independent movies. I love the rawness of most of them, so while Netflix lacks a bit in the instant library, the selection of independent movies is really great. Last week, we watched The Vicious Kind. 

Grade: B+ This movie was intense. We both love Adam Scott from his role as Ben on Parks & Rec … his role in this movie is nothing but the complete opposite of what we know him as. Scott plays a terribly disturbed man (caused by his past), who you aren’t quite sure whether you’re supposed to like or not. I wasn’t a huge fan of Brittany Snow playing the main girl, but overall, their chemistry was believable. This movie is a VERY dark comedy if you were to try to squeeze it into that category. Mostly, its a dark dramedy. I can definitely see why it received so much acclaim. It’s not up-lifting, but it is still a great movie.

Netflix DVD:

Hands down, my favorite movie we watched this month was Like Crazy.

Grade: A++ I loved absolutely everything about this movie. It felt so very real, and the chemistry between the main characters was so powerful & palpable. The story follows two young people and their adventure of love & distance over the course of several years. It’s a journey of finding & losing love, and the lengths your heart can go to make it work. The movie had a few really awesome time-lapse scenes which we really loved as well … again, giving this sense of time & how hard these characters had to work to make it work. It’s not a sappy love story … it feels like a REAL story: love is balanced by tension/challenges. So so so good.

Last night, we curled up on the couch to watch Remember Me.

Rating: A First, we had NO idea what this movie was about. We’ll be honest, when we saw that it starred Robert Pattinson (I almost typed Edward Cullen), we both thought it was going to be a flop: a story about a rebellious, good looking rich-kid. Well, as it turns out, this movie was quite deep, and his acting really surprised us. Again, another movie about real struggles that people face … no sugar-coating, just rawness. If you’ve seen this movie, we just have to mention that the ending was completely crazy!!! I had NO idea it was going where it was going, and it ended up making the movie so much more meaningful (or maybe … more purposeful). This one is worth renting!

J really likes light-hearted movies … while I typically veto them from the list, we both wanted to see Hugo.

Grade: B This movie was very cute. We’re both big fans of Scorsese’s work, and he didn’t disappoint. This movie is a visual masterpiece, and feels super magical. We both agreed, we’d be showing this to our kids one day!

Lastly, we really loved Beginners.

Grade: B+ I’m not sure what we can really say that won’t give away too much. BUT, this is a love story, a family story, and a movie about finding yourself. It is super emotional (in a good way), and feels very sweet. I fell in love with Christopher Plummer’s character & I am so very happy he received recognition during this year’s award season … it was much deserved.

We also saw: 

  • Horrible Bosses (hilarious!)
  • The Ex (an oldy, but goody)
  • Paris Je T’aime (made me want to go to Paris so badly)
  • How Do You Know (typical chick flick with a good cast)

Kniting :: A Giant Yellow Cowl

I finished my first knitting project this week! After washing & blocking, I was finally able to wear it out and about on Wednesday.

I wasn’t sure exactly how long it would be, but I am so happy it’s long enough to loop around itself (and not feel like it’s strangling me).

Jimmy finished another hat this week … this one is hole-less! A perfect beenie if I do say so. Can’t wait to share more of the little knitting projects we have going on. It’s kind of ridiculous how fun/relaxing/addictive all of this is!

Words To Shoot By :: Askew

Not sure about you … but sometimes, it’s really easy for me to be sucked into an internet wormhole. One minute, I’m checking my bank account, then the next thing I knew, it’s 2 hours later, and I’m lost in the work of an amazing creative. Last fall, before moving to Portland, we discovered Words To Shoot By via that same wormhole phenomenon. WTSB is a collaborative of photographers & artists who come together a few times a month to contribute photos. These photos are their own interpretation of a word that Steph, the lovely curator, sends out.

Once we were settled in Portland, we got in touch with Steph, and it was just our luck: she was starting WTSB up again after a short hiatus, and looking for new contributors … the timing was perfect. This is our first time contributing, and we are so excited to get to know the other amazing artists we’re so lucky to be sharing a space with. Be sure to head over to see this week’s post: Askew.



Meet Henry.

Last week, I had the most amazing opportunity to photograph the birth of a sweet baby boy. His family is amazing … more than I could ask for really. Transitioning our business has been challenging in ways, but meeting clients like Jeremy & Sandra make it all feel right.

I shared this story on our photography blog, so be sure to check it out over there. I’m filling so fulfilled right now, I just had to share.