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About Jim & Ravyn

I think this is the place where we’re supposed to talk about how we met … the moment we fell in love … and what our life would look like if it were a fairy tale. Instead, I think we’ll keep it real!

We met on Myspace in October of 2005 … We met, in real life, about a month later. After about 2 years of dating, we were engaged. The beginning of our relationship was pure craziness: partying on campus every weekend, trying to maintain decent GPA’s and earn our degrees, learning to love like adults, and playing house in some crappy rental houses on campus. After college, we moved to the big city (aka Indianapolis). We bought our first home, adopted some animals, and got married. Since then, we sold that house and almost everything we owned, and moved to Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest makes our hearts sing.

We’re both stubborn as hell, but somehow we make it work. We love movies, Chipotle, music, tattoos, traveling to new places, beautiful photography, and rad people. Fall into any of those categories? Awesome. Let’s be friends.

About This Blog

We’re passionate about certain things: love, nature, food, traveling. This is the place where we share it. Think of this blog as a brain dump of sorts! Are you a vegetarian? Awesome … This blog is a great resource for vegetarian & vegan recipes.

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