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We’ve Moved! :: Subscribe to Our New Blog

Hi friends … We’re noticing a lot of traffic over at this blog, and not at the new one. We’re so happy you’re still visiting this version of our blog, but all of our past content plus everything new is RIGHT OVER HERE.

Also, many of you see these posts because you’re subscribed to this feed. Since we switched to a new feed, you’ll need to subscribe to the new one. To ensure you’re getting updates, head over to the new blog, and enter your email address in the ‘Subscribe’ box on the right side … You’ll get an email to confirm your subscription, and you’ll be all set!

See you over at the new Oregon Tale blog!!


Jim & Ravyn



We’ve Moved!!

Hi friends!!

We are so excited to announce that our little blog has moved.  We’ve loved blogging right here, but it was time for a facelift. We’re self hosting now, so while the address is still the same, our feed url has changed.

Be sure to visit the new blog & update your reader settings!

Thank you so much for keeping up with our adventures!


Jim & Ravyn

Why It Sucks to Rent in Portland

We just found out we didn’t get the house we were in love with … the rental market in Portland sucks. Well, the market is actually really strong, which means it sucks for us.

Here’s how it went:

Jimmy found the house on Craigslist last Friday. It was a little duplex (which meant, no more apartment building) in a really fun area of town. It was on the other side of the river in SE Portland, but the same distance from downtown as our current place. It was a two bedroom, one bathroom home … and it had a lovely sunroom that led to a fully fenced backyard (perfect for the pups). There was even a garage for storage & a little shop for Jimmy.

We immediately emailed/called/stalked the management company, got a copy of the application emailed to us (early), and filled it all out for our appointment the next morning.

We were told we could meet the property manager at 11:30 (earlier than anyone else), and even received an email to go ahead and come about 15 minutes early, just in case.

We showed up at 11:05 (25 minutes early), and the house was crawling with potential renters. WTF!?! Well, our application was filled out, and after taking a quick tour to ensure the house was how they described it, we met the landlord, and turned in our application … FIRST!

All that was left was filling out the check for the application fee … I reached into my purse for my checkbook and a pen. WHERE WAS MY PEN?!! Nowhere to be found. I asked the kind girl next to me if I could borrow the pen she was holding in her hand, and she gave me a blank stare and said no. She then put the pen in her purse and turned her back. BITCH! So, I had to sit and wait as others were finishing their applications … finally, someone let us borrow their pen, but it was too late.

So, after being diligent and thinking we’d be a little ahead of the game, we were left in the dust. After waiting almost a week (fingers crossed that they would take pity on our situation), we got the email with the bad news.

It’s really heartbreaking, but it’s something we’ll just have to use as a learning experience … Our current place is really beautiful, and it’s well taken care of. There’s no reason we NEED to move, we really just wanted more space to spread out (600 sqft is a little on the small side), and the thought of starting our family seems easier with a bigger place.

So tonight, I assure you I’ll be making a strong drink & finding a million excuses why that house would have sucked anyway.

Also, we just took a huge break from this blog … we felt guilty about it, so we thought this post would be appropriate (to make you feel sorry for us), ha. This weekend, we head to the coast, and I am sure we’ll have some lovely things to share when we return.