Our Night at The Farm on Fern Hill

Last weekend, we headed out to Forest Grove, Oregon for a huge shindig, hosted by our friends Dave & Whitney (and their family). It was a “GO BEAVERS!!” party … an annual celebration for friends to come together, eat amazing food, hang out, and shoot trap.

I was a little weary of the whole gun situation (never shot a gun before … let alone been around that many guns at one time). BUT, once I saw the care these men were putting into teaching us about the guns, and shooting, I couldn’t have been more comfortable. One man mentioned that it’s awesome he can help bring people together to realize there’s so much more to shooting than hurting people or killing animals. It was just pure fun!! It was challenging to shoot the clay traps (of course, Jimmy shot a ton), but I ended up getting one!! It was so exciting!

We had so much fun. Dave & Whit are good people … and they have awesome friends & family! It was a perfect summer night.



One response to “Our Night at The Farm on Fern Hill

  1. Yay GO BEAVERS! Just had to. Its almost football season!

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