Blogiversary :: Year One

One year ago, we started sharing our adventure here on this blog … It all started with this quote:

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

– Author Unknown

If we only knew …

Over the past year, there’s one image that really changed everything:

The last 365 days have been quite the adventure. As we’re getting closer to the day we moved to Oregon, things are feeling like they’re settling. We’re finding our place here …

Moving away from our previous home was hard … really hard. But, the purpose of this blog was, and always will be, a way to share our new life, here, with our friends & family back home. The unexpected readership came from fellow Portland & Oregon friends … people who love adventuring as much as we do! It’s been really great!

Even if a single person never read this blog, we’ve always thought of it as a gift to ourselves … It’s a way to document our life. I’ve absolutely loved going back through older posts (even from just 1 year ago), and remembering how we felt in that moment. It’s pretty moving.

As we move into the 2nd year of this blog, things will look much like they did last year. We’re planning on sharing more recipes, adventures, our journey of living a healthy lifestyle, the ups & downs of life, and our photography. Then, I get the big ear-to-ear smile when I think about all of the new things we’ll more-than-likely be sharing soon …

We believe life should be an adventure. Whether it’s what we expected, or full of surprises, we are making a point to enjoy every day.

Happy Birthday, blog!!


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