When Things Work Out …

This morning felt like a ton of bricks. Yesterday, I was running errands until 4 in the afternoon. Wednesday was a big dose of stress as well. We’re prepping for a 3 day camping adventure in the Oregon desert with some of our friends, and getting things in line has been tricky.

All of this while I’ve been dealing with some chronic pain issues in my back & jaw, and trying to keep up on house work and my actual job. We thought the pups would be going to their dog hotel for the weekend until we learned they were booked up and we’d have to find other plans.

It’s been stressful.

Thankfully, our amazing friend, Brittany (house-sitter extraordinaire) helped us out big time and will be staying at our place while we’re gone. And, that pain I was talking about … my health insurance was approved yesterday! After 2+ years without it, I now have that little safety net & I can find a new doctor in town to see for these issues. Yesterday was big for another reason too: we reached a big savings goal we’ve been working towards for the last few months. My mom always warned that having even a little money in savings would feel great. She was right. We established a new savings plan yesterday, and have another big goal we’re hoping to reach by the end of December …

Things work out.

This feels like a downer, but it’s not … just a way to give myself some perspective when I’m feeling a little off. Sure, we’re busy. But, we’re really happy … and I think that’s what it’s all about. It’s officially August! We’re rounding out the last 1/3 of the year. It’s been 9 months since we moved. We only have 2 1/2 months to decide if we’ll be staying in our apartment or moving into a little house.

Hope you have an amazing weekend. We’ll be frying adventuring in the desert & hopefully we’ll bring back some fun images to share.




2 responses to “When Things Work Out …

  1. Yay! I’m so glad I am able to relieve some of your stress AND YAY!!! for getting your insurance approved after we talked yesterday! That’s awesome!! Now you can make sure you don’t have MS or cancer! ;-D

    Also, high five for reaching your savings goal. It feels gooooood to have money in savings! We just had to pay a $2,000 bill for some work on our car, which was a big chunk of our savings, so now it’s just working to put more money into savings again. Having that money available and not stressing in case you need it is a godsend.

    Oooh, tell me about your house stuff! We are going to be looking to rent a small one-bedroom house with a garage when our lease is up in February.

    Seriously, can we just hang out sometime when y’all are back in town so we can catch up in person? :-)

    • I LOVE YOU!!! :) Oh course we can hang out! $2,000 for the car??? UGH. I would fa-reak out! The house you’re looking for is the same as the one we’re looking for. We’ll, I think we want two bedrooms for a future little one … but yeah, I think I’m over living in an apartment with 3 sqft of storage space. Thank you again!!!

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