Curious Gorge :: Buy This Book!

While eating lunch with some new friends the other day, I was told about the best book about hiking in Oregon. Then, last night, while shopping at REI for climbing gear, I saw it starring at me from the shelf.

We picked up a copy, then spent two hours looking through it after we got home … my friend was right: Curious Gorge is the best hiking guide I’ve read.

We absolutely love the Columbia River Gorge. Whenever we have a free day … or find friends who want to hike, we go there. It’s views are breathtaking … the hikes are hard, but totally worth the work. Plus, all of this is less than an hour from our door.

I love the first two pages … they are copies, and one is meant to be cutout and put on the fridge. It tells you what to see, why to see it, and when to go. Excellent!! Skinny dipping!! 

Other reasons I love this book:

  • It gives you really precise directions
  • Scott explains why these trails are awesome … and little secrets you might otherwise miss.
  • There’s a ton of history here.
  • It’s small enough to put into a pack
  • There’s a popularity meter for each hike … I hate doing popular routes as the amount of people puts me into anxiety mode.
  • He’s real … Even if a hike is popular, sometimes, a less popular hike has a better view & is more worth your time. Scott explains this.
  • It’s funny! I imagine this is an adventurer who just happened to write a book. His personality is infused throughout, and it’s a fun guide book to read.

Want to see where we’ve been?


2 responses to “Curious Gorge :: Buy This Book!

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  2. so funny! Carl was mentioning this book as the BEST book he’s found about exploring his new home… :)

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