Dad’s Visit :: Mt. Hood

**See, we promised we’d get better at blogging … Brace yourselves! We have a whole bunch of posts coming your way!**

So, remember about two months ago when my dad came to visit us?! Well, after procrastinating a bit, I finally got the photos edited & ready to share. We barely used our ‘fancy’ camera while he was here (it was way easier to use the iPhone), but we did get a few gems.

Here’s a bit from our little trip up to Mt. Hood!


Jonsrud Viewpoint is a definite favorite … a must see on the way up to the mountan.


We love this camera … My dad bought it over 20 years ago. I learned photography on this camera, and now we take it everywhere. So cool he could see us using it (film scans coming soon). Image

The snow on the mountain was melting … Pretty cool to see how ‘naked’ it us under that snow!Image

Oh Trillium!! How we love you … ImageImageImageImage

Jimmy likes to make fun of Haley for her 13-year-old-silly-face in photos. He thought he’d join in.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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