Our Weekend :: iPhone

Last weekend was amazing … we did what we moved to Oregon to do: go outside.

Saturday, we headed to Cannon Beach with the pups. I absolutely love spending time with the dogs & they love the beach … It was perfectly overcast.




On Sunday, we drove out to the Gorge with our friends Jeff & Annie to hike up to Angel’s Rest. It was rainy & foggy & awesome.



3 responses to “Our Weekend :: iPhone

  1. Looks great, having fun, and enjoying LIFE.

    Grandma, Christine, & Karen are spending the weekend in Michigan City (There Mother & Daughters yearly weekend out).

    Carolyn is taking our Portland folder to review (still trying to get time planned for our trip). September is out and October is when they operate on her foot.

    Thanks for all the pictures that you send, it makes it seem we are closer then went you lived in Indy.

    Hopefully when grandma gets home Monday, we should have some times to send to you about our visit.

    Love to both

  2. Great pictures guys! It was a most excellent hike too.

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