Jim & Jimmy

While we were in Indiana last month, we spent HOURS organizing Jimmy’s mom’s bins of photographs. While looking through, we found some of the best photos of Jimmy I’ve EVER seen. He was quite the stud when he was a little guy. I even saw his awkward stage from beginning to end. We got to take a walk  through past girlfriends & homecoming dances. Of all of the photos, the following struck me the most:

That would be little Jimmy (six months old … and possibly right about the time I was born), and his dad in 1985. The best part … his dad is just about the age Jimmy is now. It’s absolutely insane to see how much these two look alike. AND how rad my father in-law looks in those jeans! :)

Since we got to see Jim (J’s dad) on Father’s Day, we thought it would be absolutely appropriate to reenact this photo … ya know, just for some perspective.

As we get closer to growing our own little family, that photo from the 80’s gets me SO excited to see J as a dad. 27 years between the photos, and I was just thinking about re-doing this one in 27 more years!!


5 responses to “Jim & Jimmy

  1. hahaha…this is awesome!!!

  2. I love this! So funny that you posted it today, because when we got back from our honeymoon I saw Ross’s parents had pulled out similar photos. It’s photos like those that made me fall in love with photography.

  3. Very nice Ravyn….I knew it was going to be good when you were taking it! Jim is going to absolutely love this!! BTW – he made Tony sit on his lap on Sunday so we could do the same pose! I will send to you when I can.

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