Monday Morning

Monday Morning 7.2.12

CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT’S JULY?!?! Oh my goodness … Yesterday, J & I drove out to Woodburn for some shopping. As we were waiting in line, he mentioned it was July 1st … I was stunned how quickly this month sneaked up. Things feel right this morning. We spent a lot of time outside of the apartment this weekend, including a 15 mile bike ride out to Sellwood for lunch. We rode in the rain & it felt amazing … it was so refreshing and I REALLY enjoyed seeing our city from a new perspective. We’re heading out again tonight (a shorter trip this time), and I REALLY want to take the camera along. In continuing the out-of-the-apartment weekend, I went out this morning on a little photo exploration. It’s amazing how many pretty things I found around our neighborhood.

Happy Monday!

Nikon D700 // 50mm f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.


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