The Weekend & The Bond

Last weekend was our first non-working weekend in quite some time. With the recent change in our weekly schedule, we thought we’d go big!

The weekend started with a date to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was great … so great. Wes Anderson makes my heart sing. I’d see it again … and again.

Saturday morning started out a little lazy …

We had an appointment to get new tattoos that afternoon … so, to make time go by a little faster, we headed over to Blossoming Lotus for AMAZING vegan food!! I had the Crispy Thai Wrap. SO GOOD.

We got to the tattoo studio a bit early & got to watch a storm roll through …

Soon enough, Mr. Lanusse was ready for us …

Annnndddd … the big reveal:

The tattoos are super meaningful to us. In fact, almost as soon as we got them, I decided I didn’t want anyone to know about them. Weird, right? Like, this really obvious tattoo suddenly seemed so sacred to me … But, in some ways, we got the tattoos to ‘declare’ our union, and sharing them seems only fair!! :)  The bands are to represent what our wedding bands stand for. Then, there’s the code on the inside … it represents the day we met back in 2005. It was through a simple Myspace message … the one that changed both of our lives.

Jimmy went with a bolder tattoo, and I decided to go a little more delicate with mine …

They’re both healing nicely … and of course, we’re both longing for more already. Proud we finally did it, and it’s a really beautiful reminder of our love.

On Sunday, we moseyed around the city & went to Little Big Burger for lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. That place was GOOD. The fries were amazing, and their little veggie burger were perfection.

Oh, what a weekend …


5 responses to “The Weekend & The Bond

  1. You guys are hustlers and deserve a lovely break. Looks like you spent it well! :)

  2. Geez, I’ve been waiting to see your new tattoos! They look great! Crisp linework.

  3. Awesome…I was wondering what the new tatoos were going to be. You are now branded to each other….

  4. That’s our kids! and together

    Looks neat on you two, but not for me.

    Love to both

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