Exciting Stuff …

  • After working non-stop for almost 2 weeks, I’m finally ready to take the next month away from my studio … It feels good knowing my clients are taken care of, and all projects are either wrapped, or at a good resting place until June.
  • Jimmy started his ‘big boy’ job this week!! It’s definitely an adjustment, but totally welcomed. He’s working at an architecture firm (hallelujah for that master’s degree paying off) that does AMAZING work! Such a cool place to be a part of.
  • My dad & sister get here TOMORROW!!! Then, my grandparents will be in town on SUNDAY! So excited we’ll all be together to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday.
  • We’ll be heading to the coast, Mt. Hood, the gorge & visiting our favorite spots in Portland over the next two weeks … that means, a ton of photos & posts here. It’s been a little slow, we know, but we’ve been busy bees.
  • Jimmy bought me flowers the other day … we used to buy the same flowers for our old house when we had open houses or showings during the selling process. Seeing these flowers in our new place made me smile … I love thinking about that old place!
  • The skies are blue & the sun is shining … Not a big deal, but definitely worth mentioning!

I’ve heard that things are forgotten when you don’t write them down … this blog has been, and always will be, a little journal through our thoughts.




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