Our Lincoln City Adventure

We spent some time at the coast with some of our dearest friends …


I love these two people … and those coffee cups are awesome.


Family photo time. LOVE you guys!!


Can we frame this & hang it in your house … please?


We finally put the Oregon sticker on our Jeep. It feels more legit now.


I’m almost certain that nothing compares to watching the sun set on the coast.


J’s feet … I love this tradition we started when we moved here.

*the stars aligned and fate would have it that we stood in the same spot as another J + R.  <—– see it in the log? Yeah, not ours. :)


Party …


The next day, it was time to head home … we popped down to the beach one last time …


Then, made driving through the mountain range really count … we pulled off & enjoyed the river.


Images created with Nikon D700 // Processed with VSCO Film


4 responses to “Our Lincoln City Adventure

  1. I love all of these guys! Looks like you had an amazing time! Glad you put that sticker on, you’re seriously legit now. The two of you separately all backlit are my fave and then the square b/w where you’re kinda back to each other. Another fave! :) You have the best hair, girl!!! xo

  2. littlemrsmason

    I love this and I love you guys!

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