Our Lincoln City Adventure :: iPhone

The past two days were exactly what we needed … Our dear friend Ali celebrated a birthday, and invited us to share some time at the coast with some amazing friends … Here are a few frames from our iPhones.

Today, our Jeep finally had a bath! First time since buying it in October.


Growing up in Indiana, we didn’t get many chances to see seagulls … So, when we do, we know the ocean is near & our hearts are about to be so happy.


So much great driftwood on the coast near Lincoln City


View of the coast near Newport. It will never get old.


We FINALLY got our Oregon heart sticker on the Jeep!! We actually bought one over two years ago, and it’s been sitting in our office since. Feels good to represent!


The view from our bed this morning … Never going to complain about blue skies.


The sunset last night was amazing.


These sea lions are the best! I’ve never seen wild ones, and they were awesome!!


Our bedroom for the night.


View from the living room … this house is so lovely & we absolutely loved being able to spend time with our friends!!


We’ll be posting the shots from our cameras later this week, but for now, we couldn’t help but share. It was our first little vacation since being in Oregon (SIX MONTHS TOMORROW!!!) …

Taken with iPhone … Processed with VSCO Cam.


3 responses to “Our Lincoln City Adventure :: iPhone

  1. Love the pics…what a nice getaway. Six months, yep, your Momma is due for some hugs from her baby girl. Can’t wait to see you next month!

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  3. queenbatsheba

    Awesome! I wanna go to Oregon someday :)

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