Keeping Busy …

Hi there!

We wanted to pop in to share a bit of what we’ve been up to on the business side of our lives:

We’ve been blessed with some truly amazing photography clients lately. While we hoped our photography business would spread like wildfire as soon as we moved to Portland, it didn’t exactly happen. Though, that isn’t said with sadness … instead, it’s said with such gratitude that we’ve been so lucky to meet and work with the best people! We understand that we’re growing, and will continue to grow organically over time, and we’re happy with that! Check out what we’ve been up to over at Jim & Ravyn Photographers!

Annnndddd … the thing that is keeping me running around like a mad-woman, Three Fifteen Design. 315 is my baby … it’s my full-service design studio we run from our home. I’ve been working with some AMAZING creatives from all over the world, and it’s been teaching me so much about balance, finding inspiration & managing myself and others. I absolutely LOVE it. I’m gearing up for a month long vacation, so I’ll be sharing a ton of projects over there in the next few weeks. Check out what I’ve been up to lately over at Three Fifteen Design.


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