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Exciting Stuff …

  • After working non-stop for almost 2 weeks, I’m finally ready to take the next month away from my studio … It feels good knowing my clients are taken care of, and all projects are either wrapped, or at a good resting place until June.
  • Jimmy started his ‘big boy’ job this week!! It’s definitely an adjustment, but totally welcomed. He’s working at an architecture firm (hallelujah for that master’s degree paying off) that does AMAZING work! Such a cool place to be a part of.
  • My dad & sister get here TOMORROW!!! Then, my grandparents will be in town on SUNDAY! So excited we’ll all be together to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday.
  • We’ll be heading to the coast, Mt. Hood, the gorge & visiting our favorite spots in Portland over the next two weeks … that means, a ton of photos & posts here. It’s been a little slow, we know, but we’ve been busy bees.
  • Jimmy bought me flowers the other day … we used to buy the same flowers for our old house when we had open houses or showings during the selling process. Seeing these flowers in our new place made me smile … I love thinking about that old place!
  • The skies are blue & the sun is shining … Not a big deal, but definitely worth mentioning!

I’ve heard that things are forgotten when you don’t write them down … this blog has been, and always will be, a little journal through our thoughts.




A Week :: iPhone

Man! I never thought we’d be so freaking busy!! We’ve known about our family coming into town for months, and I can’t believe they’ll start arriving on Thursday. We are so excited!!

With that said, I have about 4503498539 projects to wrap up before then. Needless to say, this week has been about 1 thing: work.

Here’s what life looked like outside of the studio …

ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Monday Morning

Monday 5.21.12

Today is the first rainy day for about two weeks … while I am a little sad to see a gray sky, it’s a great motivator. We have about 10 days until my family arrives to visit us!!! We’re so freaking excited to FINALLY share this city we love so much. Over the weekend, we hung out with friends, enjoyed the markets & soaked up the sunshine. Jimmy took his bike out for two long rides & he’s loving his new hobby. Speaking of Jimmy, he got news last week that he’ll be working at an architecture firm! He starts next Tuesday!! For anyone who knows us, you know this is a huge deal. He’ll be using his master’s degree & following that dream. This week will be busy, as I’m planning on taking the entire month of June off to enjoy my family & do a bit of traveling. We’re looking forward to the next few weeks!!

Happy Monday.

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Our Little Portland Adventure :: iPhone

Over the weekend, we took a little walk to the waterfront. We love this city so much, and I love immersing ourselves in it’s glory!

Images made with iPhone 4 // Processed with VSCO Cam

Our Lincoln City Adventure

We spent some time at the coast with some of our dearest friends …


I love these two people … and those coffee cups are awesome.


Family photo time. LOVE you guys!!


Can we frame this & hang it in your house … please?


We finally put the Oregon sticker on our Jeep. It feels more legit now.


I’m almost certain that nothing compares to watching the sun set on the coast.


J’s feet … I love this tradition we started when we moved here.

*the stars aligned and fate would have it that we stood in the same spot as another J + R.  <—– see it in the log? Yeah, not ours. :)


Party …


The next day, it was time to head home … we popped down to the beach one last time …


Then, made driving through the mountain range really count … we pulled off & enjoyed the river.


Images created with Nikon D700 // Processed with VSCO Film


Why, hello there little beam of light …

Monday Morning (sort of) …

Monday Morning 5.14.12

Well, this is embarrassing … Embarrassing on several accounts. First of all, I didn’t realize that yesterday was Monday until we were going to bed. I thought it was Sunday, which means I totally spaced on my Monday Morning post. The good news is: I did take some photos on the morning … but, more embarrassing news: the photos were of Bill. I take way to many photos of our animals, and because they’re the only photos I took yesterday, you all get a taste of it!

Happy Monday!

Nikon D700 // 50mm f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.

The First Six Months …

6 months ago, today, we were driving over the Fremont bridge. NW Portland was just in front of us, and we were about 4 minutes from our new home. We met our dear friends out front & handed over the dogs so we could sign our lease. We got the keys, then enjoyed our first meal on the floor. Later that day, our belongings were delivered, and our 600 sqft apartment filled up quickly. We walked to Trader Joe’s to buy a pizza & a bottle of wine. We watched a dvd on our laptop while sitting in bed (it was our only furniture), and feel asleep feeling excited & a little scared that we were finally here.

The last six months have been the biggest learning experience of our lives … we’ve flourished, we’ve struggled, we’ve been happy, we’ve been sad, we’ve fought, we’ve enjoyed our time together, we’ve traveled & explored, and we’ve enjoyed learning to live on our own in a new city.

I thought I’d recap some of our favorite moments from the past 6 months … This might be a long post … Just warning you now!! :)


When we first moved here, I don’t think we realized how many adventures we’d go on … We always wanted to go out and enjoy Indy, but rarely did. There were always excuses … so upon moving to Portland, we were eager to explore & really justify a cross-country move!

Our first little adventure was to the Hoyt Arboretum. We absolutely love this place … it’s amazing for hiking & seeing sweet trees from around the world.

Visting Pittock Mansion towards the end of fall was awesome. The weather is pretty great, and a semi-cloudless sky meant we got a peek at Mt. Hood.

I took a tiny trip up to Mt. Tabor (a volcano inside the city limits).

On November 29th, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary & our 6 year dating anniversary with a trip to the coast. We’d been before, but this trip was extra special. We took the pups with us & enjoyed a day by the ocean.

Right before Christmas, we headed up to Mt. Hood with Amy & Rob. It was the first snow we got to walk through … and duh, we spent some time at the lodge drinking awesome drinks!!

Photo taken by Rob Alan.

On New Year’s Day, we headed to the Gorge for the first time since moving here. The Gorge holds my heart … my heart hurts (in a good way) whenever I think about the beauty there, and it’s home to some of the most beautiful views in the world.

In January, a new friend, Nicolle, invited me on a little hike around Oaks Bottom. It was so wonderful to take a 2 hour hike with a new friend …

Later that month, my aunt came out to stay with us for a few days … We went snowshoeing on Mt. Hood & the vacation was capped with a trip to Rockaway Beach. We watched the most beautiful sunset from Cape Meares.

After traveling a bit towards the end of January, we needed another adventure for February … We headed to Cape Lookout for a day trip with the dogs. This was the trip with the bears … that terrible sign that almost ruined the trip!

In March, we realized we hadn’t really shared much of the great city we live in. So, we took a day to walk around and capture the city we love so much.

Our friend Amy suggested I take Jimmy on a surprise trip to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house near Silver Falls … so we made a day out of it. Seeing that property, then heading to Silver Falls Park for hiking & awe-ing at waterfalls.

To celebrate Jimmy’s birthday, we took a truly EPIC hike up to Angel’s Rest! We’ve really gotten into hiking since moving here & this hike was especially beautiful. It was difficult, but so rewarding.

A few days later, we headed back to The Gorge to hike the Eagle Creek Trail to Punchbowl Falls. We definitely want to re-hike this as it wasn’t the best weather & I think we took the wrong trail.

Amy surprised us with a trip to the tulip fields!! Such a great way to spend a day … we got to walk through a ton of flowers & eat food that was really bad for us! Loved this day so much!!

We haven’t blogged the official post from last weekend, but our most recent adventure was a trip to the coast: Lincoln City to be exact. Our friends Matt & Ali invited us to celebrate Ali’s birthday along with a few more friends. It was so so so great & we almost thought about staying at the coast forever.

Photo taken by Alison Murray.

Besides our adventures, here are a few cool things we’ve done!

I started my Monday Morning photo project. I’ve posted at least 3 photos every Monday morning for the last 21 weeks. The photos are just meant to tell the story of my life … at the end of the year, I hope to compile a book of photos.

We started cooking a lot more at home. We even shared a few of our favorite vegetarian recipes.

While we were hoping to share more of our tiny apartment before now, I was happy to share a peek at our living room.

We both learned to knit! I know it sounds nerdy, but we love it. We’re still learning, but it’s been a really fun hobby to share.

Overall, the past six month have been a period of growth & learning. We’re just starting to feel settled, and we’re agreeing more and more than Portland is the place we belong. We miss our friends & family back in the midwest more that we can ever say, and we are super excited about heading back to visit next month.

As we head into the second half of our first year, we’re hoping we continue to share these adventures … our main goal is to never be able to say we didn’t get outside enough. So far, we’re keeping good on that promise.

Thank you to everyone who has shared this adventure with us!

Our Lincoln City Adventure :: iPhone

The past two days were exactly what we needed … Our dear friend Ali celebrated a birthday, and invited us to share some time at the coast with some amazing friends … Here are a few frames from our iPhones.

Today, our Jeep finally had a bath! First time since buying it in October.


Growing up in Indiana, we didn’t get many chances to see seagulls … So, when we do, we know the ocean is near & our hearts are about to be so happy.


So much great driftwood on the coast near Lincoln City


View of the coast near Newport. It will never get old.


We FINALLY got our Oregon heart sticker on the Jeep!! We actually bought one over two years ago, and it’s been sitting in our office since. Feels good to represent!


The view from our bed this morning … Never going to complain about blue skies.


The sunset last night was amazing.


These sea lions are the best! I’ve never seen wild ones, and they were awesome!!


Our bedroom for the night.


View from the living room … this house is so lovely & we absolutely loved being able to spend time with our friends!!


We’ll be posting the shots from our cameras later this week, but for now, we couldn’t help but share. It was our first little vacation since being in Oregon (SIX MONTHS TOMORROW!!!) …

Taken with iPhone … Processed with VSCO Cam.

Monday Morning

Monday Morning 5.7.12

The sun is shining … the 10 day forecast is nothing but the same. We’re enjoying life this week (taking a vacation to the coast) … Gearing up for our 6 month anniversary of living here, and appreciating what’s going on now!

Happy Monday.

Nikon D700 // 50mm f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.