I cannot believe that May 1st is tomorrow! April FLEW by … We thought it would be nice to recap this month considering I can’t remember a single thing we’ve done ;)

Happenings in April

  • Jimmy turned 27 years old … I love my old man of a husband!
  • We went on a few adventures: A trip to the tulip fields with our friend Amy, a rainy hike along the Eagle Creek Trail, and an amazing hike up to Angel’s Rest in the Columbia River Gorge.
  • We went to see the Wheel of Fortune when they were taping live in Portland. Our dear friends Matt & Ali came with as we soaked in the epic-ness of the day!!
  • We posted 4 lovely Monday Morning posts. We didn’t realize how much we’d love having these photos to document our life … I’ve really loved looking back at the posts from the last 6 months.
  • We used our phones a lot … when we don’t want to haul around the bulky cameras, we let our phones tell the stories.
  • We shot our very first wedding in Portland.
  • I celebrated 1 full year of being an independent business owner! It feels amazing to be doing what I love so much!
  • Portland hit 80 degrees … it was sunny & beautiful!
  • We’ve been knitting!

Looking Forward to May

  • Hoping we’ll see some much-deserved sunshine!
  • We’ll be celebrating 6 months since moving to Portland … Seriously, how did that happen?! SIX MONTHS!?
  • I’m wrapping up a ton of projects to prep for a full month off in June!
  • Our dear friend, Ali, is celebrating a birthday, and we’ll be joining friends at the shore for a few days to celebrate.
  • The farmer’s market is now open, and I’m looking forward to getting some local goodies into the house.
  • There are a ton of birthdays in our family this month: my momma, J’s step-mom & J’s dad are all celebrating birthdays! While we were there to celebrate, we’re happy we’ll be seeing all of them in June!
  • We’re taking a mini-vacation to Seattle. So excited to explore that city for the first time! We need recs of places to see, stay, eat, explore!
  • My dad & baby sister will be here at the very end of the month!!!!! So freaking excited to finally share our life here with our family!

I’m sure I’m missing some things … probably some big things, but that’s the bulk of our life over the course of April!




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