What Happens When It Rains :: Movies

So … It’s a pretty well-known fact: Portland is RAINY! During the entire month of March, we probably saw the sun twice. It was a record-setting month, which means, we spent so much time indoors. Thank goodness for Netflix & a friend who let’s us use his HBO account (shhhh … we like to live on the edge).

We aren’t movie reviewers … BUT, we love to watch good movies & we thought we’d share a few of our favorites from the last month or so.

In The Theatre:

For J’s birthday, we went to see 21 Jump Street.

Grade: B+ We loved this movie! I kind of dislike Channing Tatum … I don’t really know why, but I’ve just never really seen why anyone thought he was charming. Wellll … after this movie, my opinion has changed (just a bit). I LOVE Jonah Hill, so he more than made up for any hesitation I had about seeing this movie. It was hilarious, raunchy, and super inappropriate! Based on those qualities, it fit the bill for a good movie … at least a movie we weren’t expecting to get much from!

On Friday, we had a little date night and decided to go see The Five Year Engagement.

Grade: A This movie was AMAZING. We went into thinking it would be purely comical, but we walked out loving each other a little bit more. Seriously! This movie tugged at our heart-strings & really resonated with our relationship. We were only engaged a year, but since this movie follows a relationship over the course of 5 years, it’s super easy to relate to it … we, too, have had to learn to love in a new city & under new circumstances with our careers. Really go see this one! It IS very funny, but also made us both tear up a bit!

Netflix Instant:

I’m a total sucker for independent movies. I love the rawness of most of them, so while Netflix lacks a bit in the instant library, the selection of independent movies is really great. Last week, we watched The Vicious Kind. 

Grade: B+ This movie was intense. We both love Adam Scott from his role as Ben on Parks & Rec … his role in this movie is nothing but the complete opposite of what we know him as. Scott plays a terribly disturbed man (caused by his past), who you aren’t quite sure whether you’re supposed to like or not. I wasn’t a huge fan of Brittany Snow playing the main girl, but overall, their chemistry was believable. This movie is a VERY dark comedy if you were to try to squeeze it into that category. Mostly, its a dark dramedy. I can definitely see why it received so much acclaim. It’s not up-lifting, but it is still a great movie.

Netflix DVD:

Hands down, my favorite movie we watched this month was Like Crazy.

Grade: A++ I loved absolutely everything about this movie. It felt so very real, and the chemistry between the main characters was so powerful & palpable. The story follows two young people and their adventure of love & distance over the course of several years. It’s a journey of finding & losing love, and the lengths your heart can go to make it work. The movie had a few really awesome time-lapse scenes which we really loved as well … again, giving this sense of time & how hard these characters had to work to make it work. It’s not a sappy love story … it feels like a REAL story: love is balanced by tension/challenges. So so so good.

Last night, we curled up on the couch to watch Remember Me.

Rating: A First, we had NO idea what this movie was about. We’ll be honest, when we saw that it starred Robert Pattinson (I almost typed Edward Cullen), we both thought it was going to be a flop: a story about a rebellious, good looking rich-kid. Well, as it turns out, this movie was quite deep, and his acting really surprised us. Again, another movie about real struggles that people face … no sugar-coating, just rawness. If you’ve seen this movie, we just have to mention that the ending was completely crazy!!! I had NO idea it was going where it was going, and it ended up making the movie so much more meaningful (or maybe … more purposeful). This one is worth renting!

J really likes light-hearted movies … while I typically veto them from the list, we both wanted to see Hugo.

Grade: B This movie was very cute. We’re both big fans of Scorsese’s work, and he didn’t disappoint. This movie is a visual masterpiece, and feels super magical. We both agreed, we’d be showing this to our kids one day!

Lastly, we really loved Beginners.

Grade: B+ I’m not sure what we can really say that won’t give away too much. BUT, this is a love story, a family story, and a movie about finding yourself. It is super emotional (in a good way), and feels very sweet. I fell in love with Christopher Plummer’s character & I am so very happy he received recognition during this year’s award season … it was much deserved.

We also saw: 

  • Horrible Bosses (hilarious!)
  • The Ex (an oldy, but goody)
  • Paris Je T’aime (made me want to go to Paris so badly)
  • How Do You Know (typical chick flick with a good cast)

One response to “What Happens When It Rains :: Movies

  1. Well it took me some time to go through the last three Oregon Tales ( the beautiful tulips gardens and the Glockenspiel clock pictures were wonderful)

    We are back in March weather now, raining and cold. No snow here, but not to far away. It has rained on and off since Thursday evening and they say it will last until Sunday (will be a little warmer starting Wednesday)

    Had breakfast with your Dad and sis last Saturday morning (In Indy for the Fire Fighters Convention). Grandma is in Milwaukee this weekend with aunt Tess (see is not doing very well). See is not sick, just hard to get along with the other OLDER ladies.

    Grandma is with Karen today going through her new home. Bought a house on the Northwest side of Milwaukee and will be moving in May (I may be going up there some time soon)

    Plans are still on for us coming over the 3rd of June, can’t wait to see you both, but hard to think that your Dad will be 50!!!!!!!!

    Love to both


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