Our Tulip Field Adventure

Last week, our friend Amy told us she was picking us up for a surprise trip. All I knew was that we were supposed to wear rain boots & prepare for being outside. This totally tested my control issues when it comes to planning things … and even more, it tested my ability to ride in a car without getting completely carsick. Yes, I fully admit, I’m a disaster. As it turns out, the day turned out to be wonderful … control issues/car sickness avoided!

After driving for about an hour from Portland, we arrived at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Ore.

This place was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Here’s our adventure:


J teaching Amy to shoot with a split screen/microprism ring focus camera … my dad’s old SLR from the 80’s. Love it.


Jimmy has his very own tulip breed!


We were all very entertained by the fact that these giant clogs were wearable & moveable! A little moonwalking action followed.


J and Amy split an elephant ear, and I consumed the largest ice cream cone ever!


After the tulip farm, we tried finding a hazelnut farm (without success) … the drive ended up being awesome. We drove past the vineyards, and watched a storm roll in.


Lastly, we stopped in Mt. Angel to see the Glockenspiel clock. This was hilarious!


All of these characters danced as music played. I cannot imagine living in this building as it was the loudest. freaking. clock. ever.


Thanks Amy for an awesome adventure!! :)


6 responses to “Our Tulip Field Adventure

  1. Great to see my old Ricoh still Loved and getting good use!!!

  2. “we tried finding a hazelnut farm” – that’s a joke right? There is a hazelnut farm adjacent to the tulip fields, silly!

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