We’re Still Here

Sadly, I have no Monday Morning post this morning … 

We did have a lovely weekend though. Yesterday was the warmest day since we arrived in Portland. We hopped in the Jeep & headed out to Sauvie Island. We stuck our toes in the sand, and even got sunburns. 

The next several weeks will be pretty quiet around here … We are planning on taking the entire month of June off to be with our family & travel a bit. That means, our plates are quite full right now. On the design side of things, I booked my very last opening for the first 1/2 of the year! My next opening isn’t until the very end of June, when we get back into the studio. This is all very exciting … but, I am a little scared about the busy factor over the next month or so. I’m guessing there will be a few late nights, and lots of coffee. 

So for now, we’re enjoying the calm moments when we get them, and we promise we’ll check in here as much as we can! 

Here’s a photo from a recent adventure we went on. I saw it this morning as I was editing some photos, and fell in love! 


Happy Monday.


One response to “We’re Still Here

  1. this is adorable.

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