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Our Silver Falls Adventure

This week, we hopped in the Jeep and headed out to Silver Falls State Park for a little hiking and getting our fill of that oh-my-gosh-we-live-in-Oregon thing!!! Here’s the story:


The day started off with a visit to the Gordon House. In case you don’t know, Jimmy has his masters in architecture, so after finding out there is a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oregon, we had to go! This was my first time visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright home, so it was pretty cool to see in person.

Here’s J on the grounds.



After the Gordon House, we continued driving through the Oregon countryside … It felt a bit like Indiana.


Of course we had to take a shot of J’s shoes!


Right inside the park, there’s a beautiful overlook. We decided to stop there to have a picnic & enjoy the beautiful, sunny day!


We took advantage of the view & snapped a few photos of us together. A rarity!


After lunch, we headed over to the falls … The sun that day made the areas around the falls so beautiful. It was dreamy & illuminated!


The water is SOOO blue! Right after this, we had to put the camera away because we WALKED BEHIND THE WATERFALL!!! Such a cool experience. I never imagined that we’d be able to walk behind the falls. The power of the falls can be felt in your chest & the mist coming off of the falls is so refreshing.


J hiding in the stump of an old tree.


Another waterfall … More super blue water!


After the hike, we headed back to the overlook just as the sun was setting.


The drive home that day was really nice. We played loud music & watched the sun set over the mountains in the distance. Love this last shot that J grabbed of this little flock of birds.


Made with Nikon D700 // 28-75mm  f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


My Handsome Husband

Sometimes we make photos of each other … one of those perks of having nice cameras. I’ve been really into studying light & capturing what’s available. So, when he came home from a meeting, I snapped a few photos to remember this day. You see, on this day, my husband looked particularly handsome.

My favorite of the day …


Made with Nikon D700 // 50mm  f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.

What Are Soy Curls?

Entering the world of vegetarianism/veganism can be a little daunting (there are so many foods that appear to be vegetarian/vegan, but aren’t, and it takes a lot of time to figure it all out). With that said, us veggies have it pretty easy these days. Even neighborhood groceries have started stocking their shelves with plenty of veggie friendly goodness.

Our favorite find since moving to Portland has been Soy Curls. People are constantly asking us about them, so we thought it’d be worth sharing.

Unlike most meat alternatives, Soy Curls aren’t made from the derived protein, they’re made from the whole soy bean. They’re a whole food … made from cooking & texturing the beans before drying. They are organic & preservative free. Win. Win. Win. Win.

When you buy them (we get them in the bulk bin section of our local food co-op), they’re dried up. They sort of look like chicken jerky. Then, you soak them in warm water for about 10 minutes until they’re rehydrated. Then, you can marinate/season/cook just like you’d prepare chicken or any other meat.

Here they are after being rehydrated. Looks like chicken.

We typically pan fry them with BBQ sauce, taco seasoning or just s&p. Today, we cooked them up with some onions. They turn out crispy & soooo good. It seriously tastes and feels JUST like chicken. I’m not lying, and yes, even though it’s been 4 years since I’ve eaten real meat, I still remember!

And for you assholes who ask, “Why would you be a vegetarian if you’re going to eat things that seem like meat?” … I didn’t stop eating meat because it tasted bad. So ssssuuucccckkkk it! I miss some of the tasty meals I grew up on, so this is a way to add a little more variety to our diets … all while not killing animals! :)

Thanks to Amy for introducing us … to Native Bowl (a food cart in Portland) for cooking up the first ones we ate … and to Butler Foods for making such a great product!

I should mention that they’re a bit hard to find, but the Butler Foods site has a Soy Curls locater … and I believe they ship them as well!

Monday Morning


Monday Morning 3.5.12

As the months go by, I find myself standing here astounded that time is moving so quickly. In just 6 short days, we will have been in Oregon for 1/3 of a year … That right there is pretty mind boggling. Now that it’s March, things are really starting to change. This next month brings us more beautiful spring weather, and we’ll be shooting our first wedding in Oregon.

Over the weekend, we spent time outside of the house: celebrated a friends 30th birthday, drank wine & ate amazing vegan food with new friends & helped our other friends move into their beautiful new home. We spent some time on the couch as well … watching movies & enjoying our new hobby (knitting).

Happy Monday.

Nikon D700 // 50mm  f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.

A Little Bit of Life

Our cameras are always around, and we shoot often. Not everything makes its way here, but we thought we’d share some of the lost photos from the past few months.