Monday Morning


Monday Morning 3.26.12

It’s another sunny day in Portland. I think it’s so funny how I never talked about the weather when we lived in the Midwest. So what if it was sunny … it’s most likely going to be sunny the next day. But here, in the Pacific Northwest, these days are few and far between this time of year, so I’m really enjoying it. Over the weekend, we shot our very first wedding in Portland. We’ve known about it for about a year, so it felt so amazing to spend the day with a couple who means so much to us. We blogged a couple of our favorite photos over on our photography blog.

Happy Monday.

Nikon D700 // 28-75mm f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


One response to “Monday Morning

  1. Andrew Witherspoon

    I don’t particularly want to get married or have a wedding, but if I ever meet a girl I really like can I hire you guys to take pictures? You guys make everything look so dreamy… : )

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