Our Little Portland Adventure

Last week it was sunny. It was in the 60’s. It was beautiful. We used all three of those excuses to spend an entire day walking around our great city: Portland, Oregon.

We realized something recently: Our family & friends who aren’t in Portland probably think we live in the movie, Twilight. I mean with adventures like this, and this, and then there’s this one, I can see why you might think that! But, we are here to tell you, we definitely live in a city … It just happens to be really close to all of those Twilight-esque places.

So when it was super warm & super sunny, we headed out to explore our wonderful city. 6 hours later, we had a little story to share.


We stopped at this awesome store called Cargo. It’s like a showroom & a flea market in one place. They sell antique furniture & awesomely new home goods. I just love this store.


We really only had one objective for the day … Stop at Bro-Dogs for lunch. This food cart (at 6th & Stark) is so so so good. Plus, they have a vegan dog, which makes it the perfect spot.


After lunch, we headed down to the waterfront. See Mt. Hood out there in the distance (look for the white cap in the middle of the photo)? Any day we can see the mountain is a good day.


Portland is known as Bridgetown … We have a ton of bridges that span the Willamette.


We picked a bright spot in the sunshine to sit & watch people. Yes, Portland is an amazing place to people watch!


Shirtless bike guy.


Giant hula-hoop unicycle (not pictured) guy.


Love this shot J made of me … He has an eye for composition that I just love.


On our way back to the apartment, we stopped at Touche for a drink on the patio.



Such an amazing day!

Made with Nikon D700 // 28-75mm f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


6 responses to “Our Little Portland Adventure

  1. Great shots!!! Can’t wait for Haley and I to get out there in June!!! One thing though, Jimmy and those hats are starting to look just a little bit “Hipster”. Love Ya, R’s Dad

  2. This post is wonderful. I love reading your blog! I just got back from my first trip to Portland. I fell in love with it. We went to Touche also and I really liked it. I plan on moving to the northwest in a year and I cannot wait! Thanks for posting.

  3. Dale, you’d be surprised how non-hipster I am. :)

  4. Stunning pictures… what a beautiful looking city!

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