Words To Shoot By :: Askew

Not sure about you … but sometimes, it’s really easy for me to be sucked into an internet wormhole. One minute, I’m checking my bank account, then the next thing I knew, it’s 2 hours later, and I’m lost in the work of an amazing creative. Last fall, before moving to Portland, we discovered Words To Shoot By via that same wormhole phenomenon. WTSB is a collaborative of photographers & artists who come together a few times a month to contribute photos. These photos are their own interpretation of a word that Steph, the lovely curator, sends out.

Once we were settled in Portland, we got in touch with Steph, and it was just our luck: she was starting WTSB up again after a short hiatus, and looking for new contributors … the timing was perfect. This is our first time contributing, and we are so excited to get to know the other amazing artists we’re so lucky to be sharing a space with. Be sure to head over to see this week’s post: Askew.




4 responses to “Words To Shoot By :: Askew

  1. Beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer too, so I love posts love posts like this! Great job!

  2. welcome to the group, you guys! more portlanders, yay :)

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