The Incredible Holg :: January

Yes, we named our Holga. In case you don’t know … a Holga is a toy camera of sorts. They are made without strict quality control, meaning there are often light leaks and blur & vignetting on the photos. It’s all part of the fun … It’s an experiment. It’s a challenge to shoot without a focus ring that you can see, no meter & it’s film, so you have no idea what you’re getting until you have the film developed.

Here’s a bit of The Incredible Holg’s action from January. All of these were taken by Jimmy … he’s pretty amazing with film.

Loving this double exposure … It’s dreamy!

Holga 35 mm // Kodak Tri-X <-Favorite b&w film ever!! 


2 responses to “The Incredible Holg :: January

  1. I love toy cameras! The lovely shots are reminding me that I need to get my Diana out and use it more often. I especially love the one of the curtains.

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