Meeting Our Fitness Goals

There comes a point when you realize you’ve let yourself go. I think it was a few weeks ago that we both agreed we really needed to keep working harder on getting into better shape. We have nothing stopping us now, and we both agree that before we even think about kids, we need to be happy with our bodies.

We’ve been really good at taking hikes & walks during the week … J is running again, prepping for another 1/2 marathon this May. One of the coolest apps we’ve been using lately is Run Keeper. We can easily keep track of our walks/hikes/runs, and Run Keeper gives us reports to help keep track of our activities.

Since we’re getting a handle on the whole ‘moving’ thing, our next focus is our diet. Trying to eat all (or most) of our meals at home has been a challenge, but  doing a weekly meal plan is really helping. We aren’t focused as much on eating carrots & cucumbers only … Just more on eating at home. Preparing all of our food from whole ingredients, and trying to have some portion control.

Basically, we’re really trying. It’s hard. It’s hard to find the time to exercise. It’s hard to have discipline while making food choices. It’s hard to work hard and feel like you’re not making a difference. It’s hard knowing some people don’t have to try at all. But, with all of that said … it’s worth trying to make a difference in our lives. Plus, who doesn’t want to look better naked?! ;)


6 responses to “Meeting Our Fitness Goals

  1. Steven and I are starting to do the same thing! It’s important to be both healthy and happy. I have been running since October and have been trying to implement a weekly menu! It’s nice have that extra cash that you would have spent eating out :)


  2. good for you guys! I feel like we’re in similar places – we’ve finally settled after moving and as we are getting new routines we’re trying to develop better habits with eating and exercise. It’s so encouraging to hear you guys are in the same place and doing so well at it, and I love the idea of mealplans! I downloaded that app… thanks for the rec! ;)

    • Good to know we aren’t the only ones. I have never been a crazy, step-on-the-scale-and-starve-myself-until-I-like-the-number person, but lately, the number has been the highest I’ve ever seen it. It’s a bit depressing … Knowing I want to look good for J and knowing that gaining wait probably isn’t helping. Ugh! We are soul mates, I think! :)

  3. Good for you and J for wanting to take better care of yourselves! Seriously, that is so awesome! I find that planning meals is absolutely important for us because otherwise there is the chance of going to the store and doing lots of staring and random choosing of items. I find food goes bad if I don’t have a menu because then I’ll be like, “Oh, asparagus is on sale!!” and I’ll buy it because I love asparagus and I like to buy things when they’re on sale, but then if it’s not on the menu I sometimes forget that I have the food available (until I start to smell it). So not good.

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