Into the Universe …

Sometimes, I feel like if I want something to happen, I just need to say it out loud. For one, it creates a bit of accountability on my part, but also, what if someone else is the missing piece to my puzzle. Maybe putting it into the universe is all I need to do to make these things happen!

I want to …

  • go to Europe for a couple weeks with my love.
  • partner with another vegan/vegetarian to develop & create a vegetarian cookbook with beautiful photographs.
  • find a way to connect with local creatives in a way that leaves me feeling fulfilled.
  • gift my photography to at least 5 people/couples over the course of 2012 … If it leaves me feeling happy, I hope to continue to give this gift.

That’s all for now … Just a few things I wanted to throw out there. Hoping I find ways to accomplish these things within the year.




2 responses to “Into the Universe …

  1. My dear, you need to talk to Julie at Native Bowl. You may get your vegan cookbook photography wish! I know she’s working on another book (I think maybe her 7th?) as I type this!

  2. Love the cookbook idea :)

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