Our Cape Lookout Adventure

On Thursday, we packed up the pups and headed out to Cape Lookout State Park.  We needed a little mid-week break, and man, this place was gorgeous!

Of course, our favorite picnic basket came along for the ride. We found a beautiful little picnic area right by the ocean to enjoy lunch before heading out on our hike. 

The pups. Of course, Molly is most likely waiting for Jimmy to drop a chip.

The view from our table.

This time, I got to be included in the shoes-where-we-travel shot! :)

Love this photo of Jimmy … Like a lot.

After lunch, we hiked the North trail … a hike that almost didn’t happen. So much more on that in a bit, but let’s just say, we’re lucky to still be married today. And, I’m being completely serious!

Molly & I both doing her famous (cute) head-tilt. I’m not as cute when I do it!

The ocean is right past these trees. Hearing the waves during a hike is pretty amazing.

Alright, so this is the moment when the hike almost didn’t happen. See that yellow sign? Yeah, that’s right … BEAR COUNTRY! Eff that. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with this hike/day/forest/park as soon as I saw that sign. I am a control freak planner, so I like to know the elements I’ll be facing before our adventures, then plan accordingly (like bringing bear mace). I had no idea what kind of bears were here, and it was awful. Jimmy was playing the role of the not-so-supportive partner at that moment, and let’s just saw the poo-poo hit the fan.

After a few minutes (or twenty), we moved on to the trail. We never saw a bear … or any signs of bears, so maybe the freak out was a little unnecessary. The hike was beautiful, but a little shorter than I had hoped for.

On the way back down the trail, I found a few little pieces of the park that I just needed to take a photo of. The flower just proves that Spring is right around the corner!

After the hike, we went off to explore the camping area in the park. We’ll be heading back out in a month or so to camp, right here!

After leaving the park, we stopped at Netarts Landing (Nee-tarts <- places in Oregon have odd names). 

Our trusty chariot!

After we got home that night, I Googled the crap out of Oregon bear trivia. It turns out there are a TON of black bears in Oregon. Like, a ton. Thankfully, black bears are the nicer bears (if that’s possible), and rarely attack (unless provoked). So, now, we will carry bear mace on our hikes for a little peace of mind.

I would also like to point out that as soon as I turned the TV on that night, there was a news teaser about a woman being attacked by a bear. JUST SAYING! :)


12 responses to “Our Cape Lookout Adventure

  1. I loved your pictures! There’s nowhere more inspiring than the coastline of the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Just remember, black bears want to fight you, brown bears want to eat you. ;o) So if you can look big, talk to the bear in a normal voice, and back off from it then high tail it out of there as soon as the bear can’t see you, you should be good to go.

    Also, think about how often bears are seen around the coast, which is, like, never!! So the chance of you actually encountering a bear is soooooo minimal!

  3. Nothing like the Oregon coast – bears and all!

  4. Girl!! I wouldn’t have gone within 10 feet of the sign! Let alone hike it! You carry that bear mace with you! At all times!!!!!!

  5. Well running a little behind (as usual). Pictures are wonderful, but let the bears do what they want you to do, leave them along.

    Pictures are wonderful, see you in June if everything goes well.

    Love to both

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