Our Nest :: The Living Room

Here’s what a cross-country move looks like before it happens: “We’re going to drive all the way out there … The moving truck will be at the new place at the perfect time. Then, when we open the truck, our old crap will be replaced (by magic of course) by all new furniture. Everything will unpack itself, photos will hand themselves on the wall, and we’ll be settled within three days!”

Here’s what really happens: “I am so tired of driving! The truck is late! Why did we bring all of this crap? We’ll take it to Goodwill … in three months. Let’s go to IKEA. Why did we buy so much? We need new frames! I can’t find the hammer. Why is there so much dog hair on the floor? I’m tired, let’s finish this tomorrow.”

So, one of our rooms is almost done. It’s been three months … and we’re almost ready to give that tour we’ve been talking about. Here’s a little peek at our living room. I love this room.

I’m in love with the curtains (Urban Outfitters). The clock is a little piece of our old home that we were able to bring with us (Crate & Barrel). The couch is oh-so-cozy! We went like 2 weeks without it, and I’m not sure how we survived! It’s from IKEA, along with the coffee tables & the rug.


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