Inside My Bag

I was going through my bag the other day, and realized that if a stranger were to go through it, they’d get a pretty good idea of exactly who I am. It kind of made me laugh, so I thought I’d share.

  • I’m quite a mess at times … like, I cannot ride in a car/boat/plane without getting motion sickness. The fact I carry Dramamine with me reminds me that I am in fact, my mother’s daughter, and I really love that.
  • On a related note … I freak if I don’t have chapstick within arms reach at all times. Right now, I can see two tubes. Good thing, because if I couldn’t, I can ensure there’s be a slight panny <- cute way of saying panic attack.
  • I could live all year on Chipotle … I’ve rationed the use of this gift card since Christmas. That’s a fete within itself.
  • There’s the usual stuff: a wallet (stuffed with receipts), sunglasses (that I hardly ever get to use in Portland), business cards (which consist of our old branding), and a notebook (with very specifically chosen pens).
  • Lastly, I had three funky paperclips (why?!?!) and a caramel apple sucker from the last wedding we shot.

In no way would my purse’s contents save my life in case of an emergency … in fact, it resembles my purse when I was 10 … I would just grab random trinkets from around the house and carry them around all day.


5 responses to “Inside My Bag

  1. Caramel Apple pops!!!!! Talk about middle school flashbacks!! Love those things!

  2. This is amazing! I would have to write a novel and take a panoramic picture to do this kind of thing. I swear my purse could save me in a natural disaster though.

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