Up In The Air … Out On The River

Last year went by so quickly … before we knew it, we had landed in Portland and we were faced with this crazy, new life to put together and start living.

To be quite honest … the first six or seven weeks were hard. Dealing with the current employment market, while trying to ensure we can pay our rent, was tough. As I was working like crazy to catch up on my business, Jim was working like crazy to find a job. There were nights where we realized how lucky we were to be together in a city we love so much … but there were also nights that we took each other for granted, and let the stress get the better of us.

Eight weeks after moving … things are good. Really good. It sort of feels like we’re dating again. Most of the stress has given way to happiness, and we’re feeling balanced. Earlier this week, I was looking through some photos from 2011 and I came across one that made my heart flutter.

It was a little kayaking adventure we took over the summer. It reminds me that even though last year was hard, we did in fact take time out to enjoy ourselves. It’s a good reminder: life can’t ever be that bad when we have each other.

Today, we are flying back home to see our families after nine weeks of being gone. Here’s to four wonderful days at home with our loved ones, and safe travels to get us there.


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