Our Rockaway Beach Adventure

We finally had our first visitor last week! My aunt flew in from Milwaukee to spend a few days with us … Honestly, it was the first time I really felt like we live here. On Friday, we headed to the coast to spend a day with the ocean.

Before heading to the coast, we stopped at Pittock Mansion to get a view of the mountain.

On the way to the coast, there are several pull-offs like this … all with amazing views.

Me and my aunt … Rockin’ the shades.

Then, we found this lonely little rose in the parking lot. We took it with us and decided to let the ocean have it.

Driving around Tillamook Bay … Forest fire in the distance.

Can you tell what that is in the photo above? … It’s oyster shells. Tons & tons of oyster shells. Here’s a little more perspective!

Once we got to the shore, we had a little picnic. Our little picnic basket has seen so many awesome places this year.

Once again, Jimmy’s shoes … Love these shots.

Back in the car, we headed off to Oceanside. We stopped along the bay again, and had some fun using my sunglasses as a lens filter.

Big Bertha … We love this Jeep.

Oceanside Beach was beautiful … The sun was starting to set, and it was so lovely.

See the little tunnel in the photo above? We decided to walk through it. We ended up at the other side of the cliff … It was beautiful.

After the beach, we headed over to a coffee shop for some hot chocolate!

On the way to Cape Meares, we stopped at this super secret rock beach. Okay, it’s probably not secret, but if you blink when you’re driving, you’ll miss the little wooded path. It leads you down a cliff through a series of ramps & wooden tunnels. It’s ah-may-zing.

Since the beach is made of rocks, the sound the waves make is like none I’ve ever heard. It’s pretty cool.

Can you spot Jimmy in this photo?

I love these next two … He was feeling brave and ventured to the edge of the rocks.

In one of the little tunnels on the cliff, there’s a bit of a shrine. Visitors leave little trinkets behind … We left this little piece of driftwood with our initials & the date of our visit, and a little geode we found down on the beach.

We made it to Cape Meares right as the sun was setting. We saw the sky catch fire, and it was absolutely stunning.

After the sun set, we hopped back in the car, and headed back to the city … It was a lovely trip, and I’m soooo happy my aunt was here to share it with us!

Nikon D700 // 24mm f1.4 // 28-75 f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


9 responses to “Our Rockaway Beach Adventure

  1. Are you sure you love your Jeep? Couldn’t tell… You rarely take any pictures of it! #passiveagressivecomments ;o)

    Love that pic of Jim by the cliff and the sun through the trees. Beautiful.

  2. Cape Meares Lighthouse is my favorite OR lighthouse! Did you go see the AMAZING octopus tree while you were there?

  3. I have lived in Oregon most of my life. Currently I live in Arizona. Thank you for the trip “home”! Great Photos!

  4. Meh… I just don’t see the attraction… all rock and concrete and shells… nothing to see there. :-P

    Great pics guys.

  5. My job is based in Portland but the husband and I live in Oakland. There’s a possibility of moving to PDX in about three years. Your photos make me quite excited about that possibility. Thanks for taking the time to post such gorgeous images.

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