Rockstar Parking

Part of living in the city means we park on the street. Another part of living in the city means parking is quite scarce at times. Of course, most sunny days, we find parking right outside our door … It’s the rainy days when we have to park 3 blocks away.

We’ve come to designate any parking on our block as Rockstar Parking. It’s like a rush of joy when we drive down the street to see a spot right outside the building. It’s really funny how different things matter in different places … our old house had a driveway that was well over 100 feet long and big enough for at least 10 cars! So, yes, we get excited about rockstar parking … It’s one of the little joys of living in the city … Here’s looking right outside of our front door, and that’s our Jeep. We call that SUPER Rockstar Parking. 

Photo taken with iPhone 4 // Processed with Instagram


2 responses to “Rockstar Parking

  1. How little things count

  2. Hey Oregon tale! We’re in this together, except we moved from the east coast to Bend, and you moved from the mid-west to Portland. Oregon or bust! Check out our blog…

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