Twenty Seven.

In just 3 short months, I will be married to a twenty seven year old. TWENTY SEVEN! Then, 5 months after that I, myself, will be twenty seven. For some reason 27 seems cooler/older/more-legit. I think it’s partly that I’ve always imagined that our lives will be smooth sailing by 30. Considering things are freaking crazy right now, and have been for the last few years, maybe I’m still holding hope that the last 3 years before 30 will in fact bring us that calm we’ve been hoping for.

Last year, I wrote a list of 26 things I wanted to accomplish before I was 26. Overall, the list was sort of a flop. Selling the house really made everything else pause. Out of the 26 things, I got 7 accomplished: Buy a new camera, run on the Monon, create 5 new recipes, share our personal blog with friends & family, buy a new vinyl for the record player, bake a vegan cake, and organize files on the computer. <- I know, my life is a real party.

So, considering I’m a super stubborn person. The 19 things that weren’t accomplished got transferred over to a new list for this year, and Jimmy made his own! My list is done in September, and he’s giving himself the entire year (since his bday is in april).

My list:

J’s List:

We’ll see how it goes.


3 responses to “Twenty Seven.

  1. i just did this! but it was more of a bucket list really. good luck!

  2. 27 was a great year. 28 was better. This is my 29th and I’m pretty sure it’ll be the best yet!

  3. Great great lists guys! You should totally do a blog entry for each item you accomplish!

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