Our Mt. Hood Adventure

Yesterday, we hopped in Rob & Amy’s CRV and headed up to Mt. Hood. This is the same mountain we get peeks of every few days when it’s sunny in Portland. It’s only an hour away, and another reason we feel so lucky to be living in this amazing state. The trip was much needed … and a really nice break in the middle of the week. Thanks to my amazing grandparents for sponsoring this trip!! :)

Our first stop was in Sandy, Oregon at the Jonsrud Viewpoint. Unfortunately, the fog was still quite low & hadn’t burned off just yet. The view was still beautiful. We stopped again on our way back to town and saw Mt. Hood in all of her glory (at the end of the post).

Once again, Jim’s traveling boots … Just like this one from our trip to the coast.

After Sandy, we continued our way up to Mt. Hood … The winding hills on the way up to the lodge are absolutely gorgeous!

Then, we saw the mountain …

Driving up the lodge, we were surrounded by snow … exactly what we needed to make it feel like Christmas is later this week.

It was our 2nd time visiting the lodge … first time during the holidays. We all enjoyed some drinks & soaked in the warm, rustic atmosphere.

When we left the lodge, we tried heading over to Trillium Lake. The road to the lake was closed, so we decided to park and walk a bit into the woods. We’ve visited Trillium before, and really wish we could have seen it during the winter! Oh well, maybe next time!

Then, it was time for some portraits …

The lovely Rob & Amy!

… and even one of us!

Pretty certain we saw wolf/mountain lion tracks back on this path. Cool? … sorta. Scary? … absolutely!

Back at Jonsrud Viewpoint … Can you believe Mt. Hood was hiding behind the fog earlier that day. Such a fun surprise! 

Love how the fog starts to form right above the river. 

We’ve had a lot of new visitors to the blog this week … We just wanted to thank everyone for keeping up with our adventures. 

Also, we have started selling some of our favorite art prints online. We’ll be adding new prints soon. We’re celebrating our shop launch by offering our prints with 25% off until January 30th. Use coupon code HOORAY25 at checkout to receive 25% off of your order. 

Nikon D700 // 28-75mm f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


17 responses to “Our Mt. Hood Adventure

  1. Great photos! I miss the mountains so much..

  2. Being an Oregon resident as well, the Mount Hood area is one of the best sites around to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of shooting photographs, enjoying nature and just getting out. Silver Falls by Salem is another area I love. Awesome post! Great pictures.

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  4. Love the pics; it looks like a wonderful area for a visit.
    Love you both and it was good to see you on the opposite side of the camera.

  5. You take amazing photos…

  6. Your blog is pretty awesome. :)

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  8. i love your shots of people

  9. Amazing photos… I can’t wait to check out this part of the US when I eventually make it over there!

  10. Love the pics . . . the one of the two of you is wonderful

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