Our Christmas Tree Adventure

A couple weeks ago, we headed off to a farm just southeast of the city to cut down our Christmas tree. It’s the first time I can remember cutting down our own tree, and honestly, it makes the choosing process so much harder!! There were SO many choices. At the end, we got a lovely little tree.

This is the face of a man who’s ready to cut down a tree!! 

We found our tree!

I was either sad to cut it down … or sad because I couldn’t do it. Not really sure. 

This is the proper tree cutting stance … in case you were wondering. 

Nikon D700 // 24mm f1.4 // Processed with VSCO film.


81 responses to “Our Christmas Tree Adventure

  1. Awesome . . . J looks like such a lumberjack!!!!

  2. It must be amazing to have a real Christmas tree. I’m from the Philippines and were used to the artificial ones. :(

  3. I love that you felt both sadness and joy — I’m sure I would, too!

    Fun post. And what a cute tree. I’m always tempted to go collect all the leftover dinky trees at the lots after the 23rd, just to give ’em all a home…


    • I’m glad someone understands! :) There’s a group of people in Portland who go around and buy the less than stellar trees, then offer them for free to families who can’t afford them. That makes my heart soooo happy!

  4. love this!

  5. Nice! You should see the ones in the Rocky Mountain National forest. They make Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree look amazing!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  6. Nice choice. It would be mesmerizing though if somehow All the trees in that lot were decorated and lit at night! I imagine what a stroll that would be on the 24th!

  7. There’s nothing quite like cutting your own tree!

  8. Looked like a fun day! Nice tree :) Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Ah, the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. The memories it conjures up. Great job. And it’s great that you have that beautiful tree.


  10. There is just something about cutting your own tree. Living in the city seems to dictate things like this a bit too much.

  11. Great post!

    I’m also an Oregonian. :)

  12. I always thought it was sad to cut down a beautiful tree that will last only a couple of weeks. It’s similar to the feelings about turkeys at Thanksgiving.

    But that’s what we do: so enjoy, and Happy holidays!


  13. This is a little off topic, but I really like your banner. Bravo!

  14. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree lol

    Must feel nice to pick and choose your very own Christmas tree:)

  15. I’m a Portland kid studying abroad in Spain for the year and I gotta tell you, seeing you guys cutting down your tree makes me so nostalgic! My family has gone out into the wilderness (by which I mean the Christmas tree farms out on Germantown) every year to cut down a tree since I was little and it’s been weird missing out this time around. Nice find by the way!

  16. We always go and cut a tree. Sometimes at a tree farm, but as often as possible out in the hills! It’s so much fun to hunt for a tree where there’s no other people, and they’re natural and not trimmed all up. It’s great :)

  17. Now that you say it, I might have a hard time making the initial cut :-)

  18. Haha, such a lovely little tale! I’m happy that you found your tree, & at least it got to be a WordPress-Star! :)

  19. I want to chop down my own tree :D

  20. Hey, I just stumbled on your blog because 1) it was on the front page of WordPress, and 2) it said “Oregon” on it. Lol! I have lived in the northwest almost my whole life and just recently moved to the west side of the state. I loved reading about your tree adventure. Merry Christmas. :)

  21. The smell of a freshly-cut tree must’ve brightened your day!

  22. I bought mine in the supermarket. Easy and ready to go ;-)

  23. i’ve never had a real christmas tree…now i’m inspired. thanks!

  24. We actually lived in Oregon and moved to Indiana for a short while. LOL But back to Oregon we came…

  25. all looks fantastic, i hope i dot sound too silly, but what will u do with the tree when fiished, i mean as its been take from the ground how long will it take to wither away?

  26. I always wanted to cut down my own tree, and I will someday. But I envision doing it with an ax. In fact, I won’t settle for anything less than the ax. I want to hack the tree down…get out some frustration. Did you think about using an ax…and is the saw the way to go nowadays? Also, did the tree tip over and fall? Cause that’s what I need. Axing the tree until it tips over. You get the idea.

    Fun post! Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed. : )

  27. Sounds fun! Hope you got a great tree :)

  28. I have fond memories of going to the Christmas tree farm every year and picking out tree with my whole family. My Dad never cut it himself though. How fun! Thanks for reminding me of those happy days. Now I live in Los Angeles, and buy a tree at Home Depot.

  29. I love it! I grew up in Portland and spent many Christmases cutting down our tree. Makes me miss the Northwest! :)

  30. Nothing like a fresh cut tree for Christmas! Well done.

  31. merry the holiday,happy to red this wonderful article

  32. how awesome, wish we had a place in hawaii to cut them down…

  33. You clearly have a real talent for this (blogging and tree felling) – the tree-cutting stance was a classic!

  34. wonderful story – fun photos. all around a post full of Christmas.
    thanks for sharing – and congrats on being freshly-pressed!

  35. We buy our Christmas Tree from Chopwell Wood near Rowlands Gill, a Forestry Commission wood, it’s most magical wood in North East England. We love it, we buy our tree’s every year and when it’s all over we take them back to Chopwell Wood.

  36. how awesome, wish we had a place in hawaii to cut them down…@sooonalanz, Merry Christmas.

  37. Couldn’t you send a little man to get it for you? It’s one of those things best left to a person who knows that they are doing. I’d have my finger off in a flash.

  38. But the tree ends up dying…
    It’s surely warmer to have a real tree but many countries don’t cut them down for a good reason. Nice pictures though! :)

  39. kitkatlikereflexes

    Love this post! Great pictures – especially the tree stump. Congratulations!

  40. I like the idea of cutting the tree taking all night… Someone is holding up their cell phone while you saw. You get out there at noon and finish up around 9 and drag it to the car, muttering, “When did Christmas become so complicated?”

  41. Nice! I’ve never cut my own tree before. Seems like fun. And cold… :)

  42. So fun! Ive never gotten to cut down my own Christmas tree. #citygirlproblems Congrats on being Pressed!


  43. What a wonderful sharing this site represents in words and photos. A great selection for “Freshly Pressed” with nothing to sell, but honesty and thoughtful sharing. A Blessed Christmas to you both.

  44. I miss the smell of a real tree. Gonna have to do it again some year.


  45. Sounds like you had a grand adventure. Happy holidays!


  46. The wonderful thing about this forum, is that sometimes another’s sharing stirs an old memory. Thank you!

  47. Spread it up,.. get me the place,. I gonna get one too,…

  48. Nice post. I am new to this whole blogging process. I landed on your page because it was on the front page and because I used to go cut a christmas tree down every year with my family. We went from my childhood up untill I was learning to drive and I actually got to drive around all the trees. The old guy that owned the place told me I’d have to pay for every tree I ran over-I believed him! ha ha. Thanks for the reminder of nice memories. Merry Christmas.

  49. I have never had a “live’ tree. I hope to have one next year! :) Nice pick on yours!

  50. Great Photography and Merry Christmas!!!

    Have a great day,


  51. great adventure, merry christmas

  52. As a fellow Portlander, just want to say congrats on landing the front page!

  53. What a great little tree! I’ve always had a live tree (my brother and I beg for a bigger one every year)! ;) Live trees seem to make Christmas more magical…

  54. Celebrating xmass is noble but depleting our forests in the name chrismass trees is ungodly as well as retrogressive.

    • I imagine you eat food … produce, meat, etc? Just like those things, these tree farms are crops. They are planted each year with the sole purpose to be cut down and replanted. I personally feel putting a fake, plastic tree (which is full of chemicals, and takes SOOOO long to breakdown if thrown away) is much worse than purchasing a tree from a sustainable crop! Going out to the forest and cutting any ol’ tree down is completely different. That’s why national parks preserve that land and protect the species out there.

  55. This was adorable! Loved the pictures; they we’re definitely worth a thousand words. ;]

  56. Sports & Concert Updates

    For some, it’s a delight to shop for the perfect Christmas tree. For others, it’s a death-march. There s nothing in the world like a fresh cut Christmas tree.
    Would be better if you have shared the decorated tree with all those splashy lights and ornaments on.

  57. That looks like good fun! Have a very merry christmas!

  58. My country dont have Christmas Tree

  59. looks like you made a great choice!

  60. Wow! Freshly cut Christmas tree. Nice pictures!

  61. very nice photo story! good job!

  62. Loved the pictures! Thank you for sharing. Makes me miss nature!!!

  63. That poor tree… LOL, just joking.
    Great Post!

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