3 Years :: Our Anniversary on the Coast

On November 29th, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. Intent on making it a day to remember, we packed up the pups and headed to the Oregon coast for the day. The drive was amazing … the fog was so thick at times, we couldn’t see 25 feet in front of the car.

Once we arrived, the air was thick … it was a cloudy, blustery, cold day on Cannon Beach (never trust forecasts). Once we got down to the water, the dogs had a blast … It was the first time they’d seen the ocean. We even let Molly off her leash for a bit since there was no one around. We walked along the beach, taking in the humid air.

I wonder how many people have walked by this log and never noticed this little Army man.

Haystack Rock … I think it looks like a dragon floating in the water.

Beautiful driftwood.

Love this photo of the pups. We caught Molly with her eyes closed. 

I try so hard to be serious … It doesn’t always work.

One day … We’d love to live on the coast. The houses are beautiful.

Favorite shot from the day.

After the beach, we stopped for hot chocolate/coffee then hopped back in the car for a picnic. Jimmy’s mom bought us an amazing picnic basket before we got married, and we finally had the perfect chance to use it!

This seagull chilled on the door for a bit before jumping down and standing extremely close to us … He really wanted a chip!

But this guy ate them all!

Molly couldn’t get enough of the water. She just stood and soaked it all in.

And Ruca … Our loner dog …

Is this an ad for Jeep, or what?

After our picnic, we headed back down to the beach to soak in a little more of the shore … We left the pups in the car for a bit and enjoyed some peace & quiet before our drive back home.

J trying to sneak up on a seagull.

Then, the jumping started.

Love this photo of J’s shoes … It reminds me of this photo from our adventure to the arboretum.

Finally, we left to drive back to the city. When it was nearly dark, we stopped and snapped this photo … Probably one of my favorite photos to date.

Nikon D700 // 24mm f1.4 // 28-75 f2.8 // Processed with VSCO film.


13 responses to “3 Years :: Our Anniversary on the Coast

  1. Awesome day! I love the jumping ;)

  2. The Oregon coast looks so beautiful, and you capture it so nicely! I like all the driftwood. Congratulations on your anniversary. My husband and I also just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We took a trip to Maine, but I would really love for us to venture out to the Northwest coast one day.

  3. Pleaseeeeeeee tell me you took some of that beautiful driftwood home with you! Send some to Chicago! <3

    It looks like you had a wonderful anniversary. Congrats!

  4. I love your photos. The coast is so beautiful in that truly Oregonian rigidness way.

  5. Beautiful memories you are creating . . . .

  6. Turns out, I look kind of dumb when I jump. :) (j)

  7. Beautiful pictures. I’m glad you noticed the GI Joe.

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  9. love the pics on your blog – also love the Oregon coast and drive down there from Canada every year – paying it forward – just nominated you for versatile blogger award

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