It’s no secret that we’re pretty picky about the quality of food we eat. Before we moved out of our house in Indiana, we were starting each morning with a super smoothie. It was awesome … They keep you full until lunch time, and they were packed with so many great nutrients & vitamins. Then, we moved in with my mom. Our whole life was turned upside down for about a month while we lived out of boxes and planned for our move out to Oregon. AND then, we moved to Oregon. We’ve spent the last several weeks getting settled, and we’ve neglected our blender, and our bodies for that matter.

Well, today, it changed. I made my first smoothie in a long time, and it was GOOD! It was so refreshing. So tomorrow, we’ll start our running routine again. I think we thought as soon as our house in Indy sold, we’d be in Oregon immediately, living life like we hadn’t skipped a beat. It’s definitely been a lesson in patience and taking things slowly to get back into our rhythm.


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