State of the Union, Portland :: 3 Weeks

It’s hard to believe that yesterday was our 3 week anniversary of landing in Portland. It honestly feels like we’ve been here for about 6 months already … It feels like eons ago that we sold our house and moved in with my momma. So, we thought we’d do a little re-cap of the last 3 weeks to update everyone about the happenings around here, and where we’re hoping to be before the new year.

The Good

  1. Our apartment: Last night, we sort of tip-toed around the idea of kids, and once again decided we still might be a couple of years away because we love our apartment so much! Ideally, I’d love to stay here for another year after our lease is over next October. The proximity to everything is quite amazing, and the unit itself is just full of so much charm. Now that we’re getting unpacked & settled, it’s feeling so much like home. The space is the perfect size, and really works well for our lifestyle. And YES, we know we need to do a post about the apartment. It’s supposed to be sunny here this weekend, so maybe we’ll post about it then!
  2. The people: So far we’ve met some really amazing people. We’ve gone to a few events in town, and I’m amazed by the crowds that come out to these openings/talks. It’s like all of the coolest people came to Portland, and honestly, I feel a little like we aren’t cool enough, haha. We had new friends invite us into their home for Thanksgiving, and it was one of the best nights we’ve had since we got here. Our best friends are here too, which we love.
  3. The weather: We were told that the winters here are quite depressing … It’s all gray, cold, rainy. Well, since we’ve been here, I think we’ve had way more sun than rain. I know it’s already snowed in Indiana. While Oregon has had its fair share of snow, Portland hasn’t even seen a flake. It’s bright and sunny outside right now, and the forecast calls for sun for at least the next 4 days. It’s been lovely walking around the city (even on the cloudy days) taking in the views & scenery. Since it’s never really that cold here, some of the leaves are still green and there are even some flowers still. It’s really weird, but awesome.
  4. Us: We’re really happy. There’s been a little stress with the whole move, but overall, we really feel like we made a great decision for us. Every few days, we have a moment where we’re like, “Holy shit! We moved here!” … That is often followed by a hug and/or smiles. Since we’re still getting settled and trying to recoup financially after spending $$$ to move everything 2,200+ miles, we’ve been at home a lot. It’s nice that we can spend so much time together and really be stronger than ever.

The Bad

  1. Apartment living: I know I just talked about how amazing our apartment is … but it was built in 1928, which means our walls and floors are quite thin. The dogs have adjusted quite well, however, they still bark occasionally when they hear loud noises. I don’t mind when we can hear neighbors talking or walking down the hall, we just feel bad when we’re loud (like when the cat jumps from the refrigerator onto the floor, or we drop a huge shelf onto the floor … ya know, those types of things). It really is like having to walk on egg-shells, but maybe it’s a lesson in being considerate. Silver lining?
  2. Parking on weekends: We don’t really leave the apartment much during the week. When we do, we’re typically able to walk to where we’re going. But, we like to venture out on the weekends. Our apartment is right by one of the biggest shopping/bar areas in town, so the free parking on the street fills up quickly. Last weekend, we drove around for about 20 minutes looking for a spot. It was tiring and frustrating, but we did eventually find a spot.

The Unexpected

  1. The microwave: We made it about 2.5 weeks without a microwave. We finally broke down the day after Thanksgiving. We had a fridge full of leftovers that needed heated up! So, I guess it’s expected that we got a microwave, but I was really surprised we lasted so long without one. We could totally live without one, but if that’s the one modern luxury we have, we’ll take it!
  2. Not having a TV: We sold our TV before we moved. It was too big, and we were worried about transporting it. The original plan was to buy a new one on Black Friday, but our finances didn’t allow it. So, we’ve now lived over 3 weeks with no TV. We just use our laptops and Netflix/Hulu for our entertainment. While a bigger screen would be awesome (and I’d love to watch the Today Show), we’re finding that not having a TV isn’t really bad at all. We’d love to get one eventually, but for now, it’s no biggie.
  3. Parallel parking: One of my biggest fears before moving was having to parallel park in the city. Turns out, our Jeep is super easy to park, and we’re both really good at it. Fear conquered! :)

I think that’s good for now! Basically, we’re really in love with Portland. We’re still getting settled, and I imagine it will be after Christmas that we really feel like we’re here to stay. This weekend, we’re planning another mini adventure to share with you … maybe a Christmas tree??

Until next time,

J & R



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