Weekend Adventure :: 11.25.11

Yesterday, J and I ventured out in the beautiful west hills of Portland once again. Last time, we hit the arboretum & bird sanctuary, yesterday we went to Pittock Mansion and the rose gardens in Washington Park. Just like last weekend, this trip was about 10 minutes from our front door: which is mind-boggling that we live so close to these beautiful places!

A few from Pittock Mansion:

Even though it’s almost winter, Portland is still really lush & green. The moss makes everything look so enchanting. I love it! 

A view from the lawn at Pittock Mansion. You can see Mt. Hood from here, but it’s TEENY in this photo. It’s almost directly in the middle.

Here’s a better view of Mt. Hood. Look towards the very center. It might look like a cloud at first. Growing up in Indiana, being able to see a mountain from where you live is pretty crazy! 

A view of the city. Our apartment is just a little more to the left. We love this place!

I took a photo of this tree the very first time we ever came out to Portland. The leaves were green, as it was in May, but I still think it’s pretty awesome. 

And, some from the rose gardens:

He’ll always be a kid at heart, I’m sure! :)

The moss! 

Driving back down the hills, the trees were painted in beautiful light!

We’re still getting settled, but this week has been really great. Also, I think it’s important to point out that it wasn’t raining in our last two posts! So see, it’s not all-rain-all-the-time. When it’s sunny, it’s just even more beautiful! This week, we’re hoping to be done unpacking and start decorating for Christmas. I cannot believe it’s less than a month away! Eeeek!

Until next time …



3 responses to “Weekend Adventure :: 11.25.11

  1. Looks great from your pictures.

    Grandma & I just got back from Indy this afternoon. Talked with your Dad & Haley Thankgiving day, but did not hear from them Friday (I spent most of the day dong nothing (no way I was getting out in the mess of shoppers)). We may get some Snow Monday evening (starter at 62 degrees this morning and then rained from noon on).

    Love to both of you, talk to you soon,

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