The Road Trip :: Day 3

Hellloooo! We are almost there! We’re currently in Boise, Idaho resting for the night. In trying to find a way to describe the sights we saw today … I was speechless. To sum it up in one word, ‘OHMYGOSH!’ … We started the morning out in Rock Springs, WY and drove through Salt Lake City, before arriving in Boise.

Today we saw some of the most beautiful views either of us have ever seen. As we weaved through the mountains, the thermometer in the in the car went from 16 degrees all the way up to 51 degrees. Even though we’ve been on the road for 3 days now, we’re still having fun. We are constantly amazing at the landscape we’re seeing, and the pets seem to be enjoying it as well.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be waking up around 4 AM, hopping in the car, and driving the final leg to Portland. We are so excited, and if we’re being completely honest, we’re still in disbelief that we’ll be there tomorrow! Can’t wait to share the last photos from the road and shots of our new place.

Here are our favorite iPhone photos from the road today:

The sun on the rocks this morning was beautiful!

Devil’s Slide … One of the coolest formations I’ve ever seen!


2 responses to “The Road Trip :: Day 3

  1. I can NOT believe that you’ll ACTUALLY BE HERE TOMORROW!! IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!

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