The Road Trip :: Day 2

Hey sports fans!  You’re probably on the wrong site.  Everyone else, welcome back!  After a pretty great night’s sleep (in a queen sized bed with 2 dogs and a cat), we’re at it again.  Today, the goal was to blast through Nebraska and most of Wyoming.  Turns out, there’s no such thing as “blasting” through NE.  WOW! it’s a wide, repetitive state.  At least the repetition was beautiful, hilly farmland; a constant reminder of our friends and family in the Midwest.

As we rolled into the WY border, we noticed something a little… off.  Snow!  Not tons, but enough to get our attention and keep big, goofy smiles on our faces for a while.  As we stopped for another doggy break, we noticed something else; accompanying the snow was a CRISP 25 degree temperature.  It was 50 at our last stop.  After a bladder empty and a gas fill up, we were ready to rock through more of Wyoming to our hotel in Rock Springs.

It was a long day of driving; around 12 hours.  But, it was a really beautiful day and we got to see a pretty rad transition from midwest to mountain west.  Here’s a recap of the day as seen from the road.  Enjoy!  I know we did.




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