The Road Trip :: Day 1

So, we did it! Day 1 of our Indiana to Oregon road trip is done. After 11 hours of driving, we made it to Omaha, Nebraska at about 6:30 last night.

The trip itself was super easy. Surprisingly (and if you know our animals, you know how surprising this is), the animals were perfect! The dogs mostly slept and Bill (the cat) meandered back and fourth between his crate and the front seat. Our minds were seriously blown when we realized how amazing they were doing … I think it was our biggest worry before we left.

Last night, once we got to the hotel, we ordered pizza, drank some wine and watched a movie. We were asleep by 10 and up this morning at 6. I can tell you, being productive so early is nice!! :) We are hitting the road in just a few minutes and hope to get almost through Wyoming today! We have a few fun stops planned and will share the photos along the way!

Here are a few iphone shots from yesterday … It was raining most of the day, and it all sort of looked like Indiana, so we don’t have a ton to share. Once we’re settled in Portland, we’ll share the photos from our ‘big-kid’ camera! :)

Hope to check in later tonight! Until then, have an amazing day!!


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