Is This It

On Friday, our dear friend Amy set out to visit 2 apartments for us … Remember the ones we blogged about? Well, when she walked into the first one, she said it indeed smelled like someone died in the apartment. I think she said, “It’s a mix between bodies & cleaner” or something to that effect. It was dark & creepy. Then, she went to the teeny 550 sqft (brand new) apartment. She laughed out loud when she walked in the door because it was so small!

Both were nixed based on size and condition. Well, being the awesome friend that she is, she also visited 2 other apartments that day (and took photos)! Those two ended up being amazing. After much debate between J and I … and much coaching from Amy, we think we settled on the new place!!!

Our New Apartment*

  • Amazing neighborhood: (It’s in the NW … very close to where we’ve stayed with Rob & Amy each time we’ve visited. It’s a charming area … Tons of little shops, restaurants, bars & parks. In fact, we’ll walk out the front door, walk a block, and have a big park for the dogs. Forest park is a 15 minute walk, and we’re also close to Washington Park.
  • Great Building: The building was build in the 1920’s. While new construction would have been great, we are definitely in-love with older architecture. They don’t build them like this anymore! It’s a two-story building, and we’re on the top floor. Like Amy said, it just feels homier knowing there are only 10 or so other units in the building.
  • Nice Finishes: Gleaming wood floors, newer tile in the bathroom, and picture railes are just some of the things we’re excited about. The kitchen is capped with two leaded glass cabinets for extra storage & the hall closet is awesome.
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 604 sqft: Yes, we know it seems small! But, we are so excited about it. The storage in the unit helps, and we’re saving enough with the rent that we can lease a storage space if needed. We got rid of most of our furniture before the move, so we didn’t have to find a place for our things! We’re starting from scratch.
Okay, so here it is!! 
The living room:
We love the built in shelves & drawers. Perfect for our books & camera collection!
The cute little kitchen. Aren’t those built-ins awesome?
We are so excited about these built in drawers & wardrobe. Great for the extra storage we need for such a small space. The bathroom has b&w hex tile and brand new tile around the bath.
The bedroom has windows on two walls! So much light.
Without actually seeing the place in person, this is my idea of the floor plan. Yes, I am certain it’s out of scale, but hey, J is the architect … not me!
*While it isn’t final just yet (we still have to pass the credit check & references), we’re pretty certain it’s a GO! After owning a house for the past 3 years, and having fairly great credit, it shouldn’t be a problem! If everything works out, we’ll most likely be leaving 2 weeks from TOMORROW! Again, this whole thing is so great … but emotions are mixed! It’s scary & sad to be leaving Indiana and our family & friends! But, we think it’s truly meant to be!

2 responses to “Is This It

  1. Oh so excited for you both! If only our house would sell so that we can join you in the PNW!

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